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What is a Changemaker?

The Changemaker Program provides participants with free life skills training, character development, and a core learning curriculum. The program is open to Malaysian youth who are:

  • 17-28 years old.
  • SPM leavers with minimum grade-B in English language.
  • From low-income households earning less than RM 3,000 per month.
  • Willing to learn and contribute to helping underserved communities in Malaysia.
  • Passionate about inspiring others while developing life skills.


Training & Benefits

Free training:
Changemakers enroll in a free six-eight week intensive training program at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia HQ, Kuala Lumpur with food and accommodation provided at no cost.

Core classes:
Changemakers attend core classes in English, communications, mathematics, information technology, and social media management.

Life Skill Development:
The program provides character development and life skills in the areas of critical thinking, presentation delivery, public speaking and etiquette.

Group Activities:
The Changemaker program provides free education, training and team building activities in a fun and holistic learning environment.

Following successful completion of the program, participants are assigned a six-month placement, if necessary, in a center nearest to their home and receive free accommodation, food, training and a basic living allowance. All Changemaker graduates will receive a certificate of completion.

Outstanding Changemakers graduates can become SOLS 24/7 Malaysia employees and get an opportunity to:

  • Work for international NGO with staff from all over the world, both directly in the communities or main office
  • Get first hand experience of the professional world within a dynamic, innovative, progressive and demanding international NGO that strives to do everything possible to serve the poor.
  • Play a key role in helping over 10,000 poor people and 100+ communities across Malaysia learn and develop skills in English, computing, leadership and management.



Justin, 18, Johor Bahru, 2nd Intake

Justin was relocated into an orphanage home at the young age of 15 due to troubles at home, completing his PMR and SPM in Kuala Lumpur. With dreams of being an IT Engineer and to do Graphic Design at college, Justin had to find an answer to the questions: What will I do after high school? Where will I go? That’s where SOLS 24/7 Changemaker program came in. While attending a workshop held at his orphanage, his interest in IT and computers saw him encouraged to apply. After the two-month initial training, Justin has managed to learn so much about Graphic Design and Coding while enhancing his abilities to communicate in English. Justin is now in his six-month placement with the team, which recently held its launch event; an event that Justin is so proud to have been a part of. One day, he intends to go to college and do that Graphic Design course he always dreamed of, but for now he is part of the SOLS 24/7 family and loving every second of his experience.

Leong Wah, 21, Penang, 2nd Intake

Leong Wah was a boy from Penang working as a till operator in a local supermarket. Spending his days dreaming of exploring more of Malaysia, his prayers were answered through an article in the local paper. That article was for the SOLS 24/7 Changemaker program. Leaving behind his twin brother, along with his two younger brothers, he moved to Kuala Lumpur to begin his two-month training course that would put him on the path to achieving his dreams. Currently in his six-month placement at the SOLS center in Post Iskandar Pahang, Leong Wah has met so many people from around the world in a multicultural community as well as discovering so much about himself and his own culture. Inspired by the strong leaders of the Changemaker program, Leong Wah hopes to fulfill his ambition and to go abroad with the chance to take part in other SOLS programs overseas.

Mericia, 19, Sabah, 1st Intake

Mericia had always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, but her lack of confidence in her English held her back. Growing up on a farm with her seven siblings, there was much to do and little opportunity to practice her very minimal English abilities. A placement at the SOLS 24/7 Malaysia Youth Development Center (YDC) in Sabah changed everything for her. Through the placement in the YDC program, Mericia was introduced to the Changemaker program. With the opportunity available to develop not only her English but her life skills too (and some photography and video editing!), Mericia just could not say no. If it weren’t for the Changemaker program, Mericia feels that she didn’t have any skills to progress in life and would be forced to work on her family farm. Still in her six-month placement at Sg Suloh center in Batu Pahat, she feels like a new woman and wants to go out into the world and inspire others to say YES and become a Changemaker.

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