Berry Busker – Testimonial

SOLS is an amazing organization, which gives volunteers the unique possibility to experience the real Malaysian culture and to help their society. The moment I arrived I noticed their hospitality and their way of life.

My University programme gives students the possibility to go abroad and work within a foreign organization. I really wanted to grab this opportunity to go and to this! Thanks to some connections from my University I came in contact with SOLS 24/7.

SOLS is in fact one big family where people come and go every the day of the week. The people who work at SOLS are all very passionate and about their jobs. All the teachers are also fully committed and respected by their students who are all eager to learn from them. During my stay I met many students and I helped the organization by writing a new teaching program. Being back in Holland I realize how fortunate I was that I had this great opportunity to go abroad and experience Malaysia with all its cultures and traditions. SOLS made this happen and I am thankful for that. If you ever have the chance to go abroad please go for it, because its an experience of a lifetime! Love and unity!

Nationality: Dutch
Volunteer in: Malaysia
Period: July 2011 / October 2011