4 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

4 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

The world is changing at breakneck speed in ways we cannot even comprehend.

The rapid adoption of the Internet and the development of various revolutionary technologies (such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and others) has made life more efficient, the world more connected and change to occur faster. However, it is easy to dwell in the comforts of modern life and forget where it all comes from - nature. In the last 200 years, with the advent of industrial revolution, humankind started to take advantage of its dominion over nature more and more. Now we have come to realize that we are destroying the planet we are inhabiting at a faster pace than it can recover. The recent natural disasters and the changes in global temperatures are a reflection of that. Global awareness about the importance of ecological living is starting to grow - because, at the end of the day, the fate of our planet is (until the near future, at least) ours as well. Fortunately there are a few powerful ways in which the world has changed to reduce the damage we are doing to our planet. Here are some of them...

Change #1 - Adopting Green Energy

The world is transitioning from fossil fuels to "greener" fuel - such as solar-powered homes, windmills powering entire cities and so on. See more at SOLS Solar>>> Slowly but surely, entire countries have developed plans to transition fully to green energy (such as Germany, Denmark and others). Although change happens slowly, what is important is that there are solid, public plans to transition to healthier, more sustainable sources of energy in the future - which is a big step in the right direction.

Change #2 - Developing Green Cars

Elon Musk is responsible for creating Tesla cars, the cars which revolutionized the automobile industry. His persistence and vision have inspired many other automobile companies to develop electric-powered vehicles as well, as demand has increased for this type of transportation. If it were not for his revolutionizing approach, it would have probably taken a much longer period of time before the automobile industry would have transitioned from fossil fuels to greener energy. Sooner than later, electric cars will replace petrol fueled cars - and it's not just about cars! Airplanes, motorcycles and many other means of transportation will be changed because of this paradigm shift.

Change #3 - Adopting Sustainable Agriculture

Traditional agriculture is a disaster for the long-term health of the soil. That is why agricultural companies (as well as everyday farmers) have been relying more and more on fertilizers and artificial boosters for growth. But where did this lead us? This lead to increased desertification of the soil, less healthy foods (most of them being genetically modified) and increased rates of chronic health issues. Briefly put, this is neither sustainable nor healthy. Fortunately, solutions have been existing for a couple of decades now, since the rediscovery of permaculture principles. Only now permaculture has started to grow in popularity and the results show for themselves - the crop production being much higher, the effort invested much lower and the quality of products incomparable to "normal" products grown with pesticides. Consumers have started to prefer natural, organic and local food rather than GMO foods. The market is slowly transitioning in its preferences, although currently the more natural products are much more expensive as well.

Change #4 - Promoting Awareness Campaigns

Awareness campaigns have been promoted increasingly over the years in order to change consumer habits. From eating less meat to choosing products created with natural materials, from reducing plastic waste to being more aware of water and electricity consumption, the habits of the general population are slowly but surely changing for the better. The world might seem pretty bleak if you look at it through the lenses of the media news or other traditional sources. However, the truth is that good things are happening in the world and humans are starting to respect their environment more and more, leading to a healthier environment and a more conscious behavior. Resources - https://green.harvard.edu/tools-resources/poster/top-5-steps-reduce-your-energy-consumptio
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