Life As A Volunteer In Malaysia

Life As A Volunteer In Malaysia

Why You Should Volunteer Abroad in Malaysia

There is a group of people who look for adventure at every turn or have an itch for a completely new lifestyle. Some of them have listed 'volunteering in Asia' as one of their many bucket list items. Life as a volunteer in Asia could be one of the best experiences you will have. For Westerners, the experience as a volunteer in Southeast Asia can be quite an upheaval. The food, weather, accommodation, culture, religion, and customs of society are all very different. The completely different lifestyle might be quite a culture shock at first, and will require some time to adapt.  However, the idea of being a volunteer in Asia is still popular amongst Westerners, despite the many stereotypes. The adventure, the numerous benefits and the character-building that comes from being a volunteer in Asia are what attract people, year after year.  As a volunteer in Asia, you will have a humbling experience. Leaving the comforts of home to be part of a volunteer programme abroad more often than not means you will go down to the grassroots. In some, if not most instances, these areas will also be where you will be accommodated.  What does this all mean? Simply put, your life will change. Maybe it will be a change of heart, maybe you will find your calling in life to work for something meaningful rather than the endless chase after money, or maybe nothing feels like it is changing in the moment but once you have completed your stay, you look back and realise how much you have changed as a volunteer in Asia. Why volunteer in Malaysia Besides that, let’s say you volunteer in Southeast Asia, maybe Malaysia. Imagine coming from so far away, and joining an extended programme for 6 to 12 months. Meeting new people from all over the world is something you are almost guaranteed to experience during your stay as a volunteer in Asia. New friends from new cultures that you can learn a lot from. Do you know why you want to volunteer though?  

Cultural Melting Pot Like No Other

Now you wonder; if I choose to volunteer in Malaysia, what will it be like?  Well, to begin with, Malaysia is one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia and is considered by many to be Asia in its truest sense, since it is the most culturally diverse and fast-developing countries in the region. This makes Malaysia a great destination for those who want to volunteer in Southeast Asia.  As a volunteer in Malaysia, you will be living in a country that consists of 3 ethnic groups; Malays, Chinese & Indians, and a multitude of smaller ethnicities. A large number of expats from all over the world also call Malaysia 'home'.  This makes for a multicultural environment that is truly out of the ordinary. This is something that you most likely will not experience if you choose anywhere else to volunteer in Asia. 

What Will Life Be Like?

The general impression of foreigners who volunteer in Southeast Asia is that they enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and culture. In Malaysia, the general circumstance is that you will be living amongst people from many different cultures. However, it is also dependent on which kind of volunteer opportunity you are looking for. You will experience less of the multiculturalism mentioned if you go to rural areas in and around the jungle. It is in these lush forests and mountains where you will be acquainted with the Orang Asli. Orang Asli are the Indigenous people of Malaysia. These communities are the type that you will be serving when you volunteer in Malaysia for educational purposes in rural areas. When volunteering in these areas, life as a volunteer will be very different from the ones who chose to volunteer in a bigger city such as Kuala Lumpur. If you ever wondered “why volunteer in Asia?’’ you might as well wonder ‘’why not volunteer in Kuala Lumpur’’ since this vibrant city has elements of so many Asian cultures and you will have the chance to experience them all once. Future volunteers, make sure that your work matters though.  volunteer abroad

Where to Volunteer in Malaysia?

There are so many places to volunteer in Malaysia. It’s a matter of finding a cause that you advocate for, and what you’re passionate about. Here at SOLS 24/7 for example, we can facilitate a transformational life experience for you. You can have a tremendously positive impact where it is needed the most. Underserved people, impoverished societies, and many other vulnerable social groups are in much need of your expertise.  Why volunteer abroad If you are looking to shape the future of humanity in a positive way, look no further than SOLS 24/7. From empowering young students with technology for better learning to making the switch to green fuels and a more sustainable environment, SOLS 24/7's numerous programmes aims to create a more equal society.  If you want to volunteer in Malaysia and are passionate about helping underserved communities within an international organisation with employees from all over the world - SOLS 24/7 is the place to be. The question is – will you be a part of it? Will you answer the call to transform your life and the lives of others? If so, apply today to be part of our volunteering programmes. It might just be the best decision of your life.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the opportunities SOLS 24/7 offers people looking for a life-changing experience as a volunteer in Southeast Asia is the chance to work in community centres. The Orang Asli communities previously mentioned are beneficiaries that our organisation works a lot with. Their wellbeing, future and possible opportunities are crucial to our success as an organisation and it is how we measure our impact. With the help of various sponsors, our organisation has established community centres all over Malaysia where Orang Asli communities are found.  Our centres offer free education to the people in these villages. Through these centres, many native speakers have learned to communicate in proper English without having any previous knowledge about the language.  All of this would not have been possible without the many volunteers who have joined forces with us over time. Both international and local volunteers have been stationed at our community centres and have created a huge impact through the methodology and teaching materials provided by our organisation.  All volunteers in these areas have committed for the long-term and have changed lives in underserved communities across Malaysia. It was likely not an easy decision for these volunteers, as they had to leave all their known comforts to travel halfway across to world to work and live in rural areas for the betterment of our beneficiaries. The biggest question will always be: was it worth it?  After being around for so long, we can safely say this: Only the ones who understand the benefits of sacrificing their own long-term comfort to empower the underserved succeed in these positions.  We are still on the look out for Community Centre Managers and Volunteer Teachers. These are the roles that will take you into the Malaysian heartland and demand that you leave familiarity in your home country to embark on a journey of your lifetime. It is crucial to select the best organisation to volunteer with. It will affect your entire experience in Asia. Volunteer overseas

Why Volunteer Abroad? 

Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to see different places on a global scale while participating in meaningful work. Especially in this region, you will have the opportunity to travel around if your budget allows it since regional flights are relatively cheap. The living costs are also very affordable here, and if you are not expecting any luxuries, this region consists of amazing countries you can volunteer in such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand - to name a few. VOLUNTEER WITH US Did you like this article? Feel free to deep dive further with the following articles:   Read More - Everything You Need to Know About Volunteering in Asia
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