Malaysia's Solar Energy Potential

Malaysia's Solar Energy Potential

Solar Energy Potential

Before we delve into the wonders of solar energy and its impact on our society, we must first ask the question, what exactly IS solar energy? Well, in basic terms, solar energy is energy from the sun which we can convert into thermal or electrical energy. Through the genius invention of man made solar panels, we are blessed with the freedom of trapping sun rays and utilizing them for our daily rituals. For instance, solar panels can absorb the sunlight and keep your necessities running in the event of a power outage so there’s no need to worry about suffering a dreaded cold shower! On a financial level, the panels can save you a LOT of money as you’re actually reducing your dependency on traditional energy sources and using them to generate the majority of your home’s power. Furthermore, solar energy generates NO pollution whatsoever; it’s a win-win situation for your bank account and the environment! Following on from the first question, we must discuss why the use of solar energy in Malaysia is so important? Well, let’s put it another way...

SOLS Volunteering

Why are there so many international SOLS volunteers running away from the comforts of their very cold climate to our exceptionally hot climate? The answer: the sun is ALWAYS shining in Malaysia! That’s if we choose to ignore the occasional downpour and thunderstorm of course... Regardless of the rain, there is SO much potential for renewable solar energy here which would greatly benefit our households and our communities. As displayed below (Fig.1), the daily sunshine rate in Malaysia ranges between 4 to 8 hours per day. Additionally, Malaysia receives about 17 MJ per sq. m of solar radiation per day which is a LOT of sunshine... aren’t we lucky! Fig. 1. Average daily solar radiation (MJ per sq. m) across Malaysia (Mekhilefa et al., 2012) At SOLS, we decided not to ignore the facts, the figures or the thousands of reports published about Malaysia’s solar energy potential. We took it upon ourselves to create a Solar Academy so that we have the privilege to provide free education on the solar industry’s technical skills and theoretical knowledge for young, underprivileged Malaysians. We believe that solar energy should not go unnoticed and deserves to be taught to everyone and anyone; no matter what your background or circumstance may be. As the famous inventor and entrepreneur Thomas Edison once stated:

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!

I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” Mr Edison was spot on. Luckily, we don’t have to wait. The power of solar energy is already in our nation’s hands, it is simply a matter of educating our population about its benefits and how to use it. The SOLS Solar Academy covers all technical skills and areas which are related to solar energy. We also focus on the personal development of our student’s abilities and communication capabilities so that the students clearly understand the subject’s importance in this day and age. We stand by our message and we are committed to serve our country by spreading the endless possibilities for renewable energy. Solar energy isn’t just helping to save the environment, it also helps to develop human capital and create jobs for our society. As solar energy is on the rise, so are the working opportunities in Malaysia. Jobs are popping up in many solar-related fields such as solar panel manufacturing, the installation of solar panels and solar energy education. This is why we at SOLS offer our students internships in leading solar and IT companies so that they can gain firsthand professional experience and improve their existing skill set. At SOLS 24/7 we also wish to educate and prepare our students for the job market in renewable energies. This is why our Solar Academy provides practical training so that our student’s knowledge and self-confidence is just as powerful as solar energy itself! We are well-equipped with a SOLS Solar lab where students have their very own practice room for solar panel installation, maintenance and preparation. It is our belief that the more we spread the positive effect of SE then the higher the chance our economy and our citizens will thrive in the sweet Malaysian sun. See more at SOLS Energy>>

1 Million Malaysians

Another piece of evidence that we must NOT ignore is the fact that one million Malaysians still do not have access to electricity. SOLS does not take this piece of information lightly and feels the need to empower underprivileged communities who are left in the dark without any source of energy. Evidently, there is a huge demand for renewable energy production in Malaysia but a lack of expertise. SOLS offers young Malaysians the chance to transform their communities and to utilize the SOLS SE knowledge and practice. By enhancing the awareness of renewable energy, we have a better chance of expanding the use of solar energy and lighting up the lives of many who are stuck within the clutches of rural unemployment and impoverished environments. It is clear to see that the development of solar energy is starting to catch on but maybe not at the speed we wish or expect. Despite the slow rate of progression, our efforts of spreading the potential of solar energy will be continuous and we will be working towards benefiting the environment within a 24/7 time scale. We even have our own movement named SOLS Energy which is a proud member of the South East Asia Renewable Energy People Assembly. SOLS Energy is on hand to design, install and maintain solar energy systems for residential and industrial properties as we believe that solar energy will truly play a key part in Malaysia’s future. Solar energy is reliable, it is affordable, it is profitable and most importantly; it is ecological. The solar shift is a worldwide phenomenon and the world’s pollution is only getting worse. So what’s stopping us? We know that one day the fossil fuels on this planet are going to run out and we will be left, quite literally, in the dark. We are also aware that solar energy is practically harmless to the environment and as long as the sun is in the sky, it is an endless source of energy. All the signs are pointing towards the road of renewable sources, so why not join in with our journey at SOLS and go solar?
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