The Battle Between Money and Meaning

The Battle Between Money and Meaning
Money vs. Meaning, what would you go for?  This dilemma is not one that just haunts individuals contemplating whether they should join a volunteer programme or not. This battle is a widespread issue that haunts everyday people like you and me at work. 

Why Are People Stuck At Work? 

While some people are struggling to get by, take care, and spend time with their families due to their lower salaries in comparison to the huge effort they put in at work, others are sitting very financially comfortable at the top of the food chain, raking in money but without enjoying the fruits precisely because of their unhappiness with their labour.  This is two different sides of the same story. Working for money, working to make a living, or working just to get by. Working just to work, but feeling absolutely no enjoyment doing so. The struggle of not doing what you love is real, waking up to a job that doesn’t light any fire inside of you or pushes you towards your goals and ambitions. A lot of people will go through life never experience working doing something they love. Some of this is due to educational barriers.  This plays a big factor in a lot of people's lives. Them longing for a specific kind of work or dream, but never having the opportunity to pursue it due to their countries' educational systems or just a lack of skills in certain in order to achieve the life they dreamt of. However, there are ways for everyone to acquire new skills and professional experience in a field they dream of. One of them is through volunteer programmes, but not everyone dares to take the step. Some, because of the volunteering stereotypes. Do you wonder why? Does volunteer work even matter?   Why should I volunteer

Fear Of The Unknown 

It is important to look at the WHY. Why are people not getting to experience a job they love? The first thing that may enter your mind could be the lack of opportunity or lack of relevant education. These factors can be very influential in some cases. However, there is another big factor that prevents from making that leap; fear.   Fear of failure, stepping out of the comfort zone, risk-taking, and uncertainty are some of the things that stop a lot of greatness from happening. Thus, lots of people stay away from actually doing something new. It is not that being part of a volunteer programme is a dangerous thing, or that they are scared to volunteer. The thought of leaving the comforts of the known and being exposed to a new lifestyle, new environment, and new condition might be what actually scares some or creates unwillingness for others. Take Asia for example. Going to Asia for the first time all the way from Europe or America might sound exciting to some, but challenging for the rest. Asia is a beautiful continent which has many different countries you can volunteer in. Travelling, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and learning more about yourself while being exposed to new things, these are food for the soul.  There are a lot of things that you should know before deciding to volunteer. Numerous studies have actually shown that volunteer programmes have a lot of benefits.

The Do Good, Feel Good Phenomenon

I think most of us know the feeling of happiness when we do something good for others. It is quite a good feeling, right? So good, that others have made it a way of life. Whether they are part of a volunteer programme fighting against poverty, cleaner earth, justice for the oppressed, or animal rights. many of us tend to gravitate to a key issue that’s bigger than ourselves that we'd like to advocate for.  Regardless, if it is helping the old lady over the road, rescuing a lost dog, or simply just smiling to a stranger - what it has in common is that it makes us feel good about ourselves. This is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to join volunteer programmes across the world; to do good and reap the benefits of doing good without a promise of getting anything in return.  A lot of volunteers are also attracted to money like so many others. However, their love for money never stopped them from investing some time to acquire new skills and lifelong experiences through various types of volunteer programmes.   Volunteer programmes

The Power Of Positivity 

There is a saying that goes; ‘’You are not rich before you have something money can’t buy.’’ If this is true, then how much is the commitment, hard work, good intentions, sacrifice and self-discipline of helping others worth to you? It could be priceless. Kindness never goes out of style.  Being kind, positive, and beneficial to others can actually benefit you and make you feel good as well. Volunteering can change lives, including your own. All it takes is the will and desire to try something new and create a positive impact for a cause you can vouch for!  Even if you are not going to go down in the history books as a saint you can be sure that your effort is appreciated wherever you contribute. 

The Courage to Try Something New

Volunteer programmes are recognised worldwide for making a difference in a lot of participants' lives. Many of the world's greatest volunteers have formerly been what would be considered ‘’career persons’’. This is due to unhappiness in their former jobs.  The negative impact of feeling no progress even though you are raking up numbers in your bank account and having the material wealth that others never will experience is a real problem. So is chasing money for the sake of it, and trying to climb the career ladder without any feeling of real purpose or impact created in a world where the rich gets richer and poor gets poorer.  Volunteer programmes are not designed for any specific social class. They are designed for the givers. The ones who see the benefit of investing time, passion and hours to do good for humanity without getting their return of investment in lucrative payments.  All it takes to join one of the many different kinds of specially designed volunteer programmes around the world is a little courage.  volunteer in asia

‘’Why Should I Volunteer?’’

There are several reasons why you should volunteer. If you are stuck at your job, feeling trapped and/or unsatisfied or maybe just longing do something good and give back - joining a volunteer programme could be a route to consider. At least for a while, a life of volunteering can do you good. Whether you want to volunteer in a place with animals, or environmental impact, or emergency relief, allow yourself to have the courage to stand up for something bigger than money, even if that ‘something’ is your own work satisfaction. It is crucial to select the best organisation to volunteer with, depending on your interest. VOLUNTEER WITH US A leap of faith. That is all it takes. A journey of a thousand miles that starts with one single step. Joining a volunteer programme can be your contribution of positive impact to the world and to yourself. Discover more about volunteering in Asia here:   Read More - Everything You Need to Know About Volunteering in Asia
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