The future of Sustainable Energy in Asia

The future of Sustainable Energy in Asia

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Imagine a world where energy may be obtained from non-exhaustible resources. A planet where generation after generation may sustain itself without ever worrying about their power running out, or worries of maintaining an eco-friendly environment for all. Well, if an imaginary world full of sustainable energy pleases you then you may be happy to hear that this may soon become our reality. We at SOLS 24/7 believe that sustainable energy is simply superb! Firstly, renewable energy can reduce and avoid air emissions as well as noise, waste and land-use impacts. Secondly, think of the future! Our future generations will feel supported as sustainable energy avoids the rapid depletion of fossil fuel reserves and may empower them to overcome the environmental impacts left behind by our over-dependence on current fuels. Thirdly, by introducing this form of energy to our society it will bring a steady influx of jobs, cheaper fuel bills, educational opportunities and improved air quality for our lungs! What’s not to love? In fact, there are many tech trends when it comes to sustainable energy and a few of these technologies you may have spotted around Asia already! The most commonly witnessed are sustainable devices such as wind turbines; sleek remodels of the traditional windmill structure. Then there’s the wonderful use of wave power where the energy is free as it is always flowing from the sea and does not generate any harmful greenhouse gases. We appreciate that both of these forms of sustainable energy are extremely useful for preserving our planet, however, our personal favourite at SOLS 24/7 has to be Solar Energy! Why’s that you may ask? Well, we are so passionate about supporting the transition to sustainable resources that we formed our very own Solar Academy. Leading up to the creation of our Solar Academy, we began to notice the up and coming trend of sustainable energy in Asia. As many other Asian countries such as China, Japan and India planted their eco-friendly flags into the ground, Malaysia also followed suit. Our society began to show dramatic interest into the development of renewable energy and planned to transform that interest into action, especially with regards to solar power. Due to Malaysia’s location, sunshine is the primary renewable source. By living in a country where solar energy is naturally positioned to play a part in our future economy, businesses and consumer have begun to take note of its benefits. What’s more is, it isn’t just businesses and consumers who have caught onto the importance of SE. Earlier this year, the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Datuk Azman Mahmud, 2017) stated that the ‘Malaysian Solar PV Roadmap 2030 would be launched at the end of the year to drive the country’s solar PV industry forward.’ Which, in other words means that Malaysia aims to achieve around 2,080MW of renewable energy by 2020; that is a LOT of sustainable energy for us to use!

‘Spillover Effects’

What’s also great is that Datuk Azman also stated that Malaysia is well positioned to benefit from any ‘spillover effects’ from the growing solar power usage worldwide, another added bonus! Therefore, we at SOLS 24/7 also plan to position and gear up for the colossal tidal wave of sustainable energy. Our Solar Academy is here to help educate you and your society by speaking out and spreading the word about this valuable trend. Despite the current rate of development, our efforts of spreading the potential of solar energy will be continuous and we will be working towards benefiting the environment within a 24/7 time scale. That’s why we have also created a platform named SOLS Energy which is a proud member of the South East Asia Renewable Energy People Assembly. As we all know, the young thinkers of today shall be the fore thinkers of tomorrow. Therefore to truly conquer the mindset of Malaysia, we need to help transform society’s outlook on energy and open up their eyes and minds to the vast possibilities of sustainable energy. This is why our Solar Academy takes on so many students, we sincerely aim to prepare and educate them so that their knowledge and self-confidence becomes just as powerful as sustainable energy itself. We are already preparing students for the growing job market in renewable energies and we are well-equipped with our very own SOLS Solar lab so that they can begin building energy-transforming panels. It is our belief that the more we spread the positive effect of Solar Energy, then the more Malaysia and its economy will thrive.

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Another country in Asia that is trying to tap into the youthful mindset is China. Just like us, they have noticed how imperative it is to spread sustainable energy. Not only are they setting up various SE devices around their country, they are also designing a select few to catch the world’s attention. For instance, their Panda panels which are made up of two types of solar panels; white thin film photovoltaic (PV) cells and black monocrystalline silicon PV cells which, when mixed together, create China’s favourite monochromatic animal! Essentially, at SOLS 24/7 our efforts are not just for the sake of a trend. We cannot ignore the fact that STILL, around one million Malaysians do not have access to power. Sustainable energy may transform underprivileged communities who have been left in the dark and with the help of the SOLS Solar Lab; we can help to light up their homes and their lives. By encouraging the awareness of renewable energy, we can help our society, our economy and our planet. Most importantly, it must be highlighted that it is not only Asia where the effects of sustainable energy are beginning to take shape. This is a worldwide phenomenon and potentially, a permanent transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Due to its affordable, profitable and reliable nature, it is easy to see why so many countries are catching on. Therefore, SOLS shall be a key supporter in the sustainable energy shift and shall NOT neglect the opportunity to educate, to serve and to empower the society of Malaysia. Blog sources: 1) 2)
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