Want to Help Build Someone’s Future?

Want to Help Build Someone’s Future?

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has disadvantaged many but it has especially impacted the youth from rural and B40 communities.

As the quick spread of the virus and the ensuing lockdowns brought upon the increase of online learning, many rural or poorer families lacked the facilities or equipment to carry out home-based learning. Therefore, resulting in a generation of students left behind due to a lack of resources.

The coronavirus crisis revealed the long-standing inequities in education, where children and youth from underserved communities did not have the same level of access or opportunities to education compared to others. As a result of the pandemic, the same students have only become more vulnerable to learning loss or dropping out of school due to the absence of proper internet connection or sufficient digital devices.

This issue has only grown worse since the pandemic as many youth have dropped out of school to pursue odd jobs in an effort to support their families. Therefore, community support has proven to be crucial in helping to build and secure the future of these youth.

SOLS 24/7 Foundation leads the way by providing youth from B40 and indigenous communities with an alternative education, which will equip them with the technical and interpersonal skills needed to secure a job. Here’s a list of their high-impact initiatives that you can donate to or support that will help safeguard the futures of these youth.


3 Programmes, 1 Solution

All human beings are different. We all have unique needs and goals. Therefore, SOLS 24/7 Foundation has created 3 different programmes, each serving its individual purpose while maintaining a common goal of helping these marginalized children achieve success. 
Their programmes help equip students with a myriad of skills, which include communication, digital literacy, interpersonal skills, professional development and more. These children can opt for either of the following programmes:

1. Skills Hub

With the fate of these children in mind, SOLS 24/7 Foundation designed this programme for students who want to customize their own programme and study at their own pace. Skills Hub allows students to choose specific skills to learn from a variety of options, such as Digital Career Tools, My Wellbeing, Self Discovery, and Study Effectively. These free online classes help them improve their academic, professional, and personal skills.

2. TVET Academy

While a conventional learning environment may not appeal to these children, SOLS 24/7 Foundation’s TVET Academy is an ideal option. The TVET Academy programme is offered to pre, current, and post TVET students throughout Malaysia. It is a structured programme that allows students to thrive in their students, succeed in potential jobs, and advance their careers. These skills are further honed through interesting modules, such as ‘Choosing the Right College’ and ‘Winning a TVET Placement’. TVET Academy also aids their transition into work life through internships and hands-on experiences. 

3. SOLS Solar Academy

Being their most intensive programme, SOLS Solar Academy has proven to be a second chance at a proper education for many disadvantaged children in rural communities.  The SOLS Solar Academy was designed to furnish underprivileged youth with the technical skills needed to navigate a career in the solar industry. This is further emphasized through several courses, such as ‘Solar PV and Maintenance’ and  ‘Securing Employment’. 


B40 Characterisation Map

Poverty is a rather complex concept. While one's source of income and savings may be a factor in poverty, there are several other factors to take into account when considering an individual as a part of the B40 community. Our B40 Characterisation Map illustrates the interrelation of vulnerabilities that could expose individuals from the B40 community to uncertain risk and endanger their livelihoods.

This interactive map proves that breaking the cycle of poverty is not sufficient to sustain their growth over time. It is not until each aspect of their lives are empowered, that they will be able to experience positive growth.

Click the link to view our B40 Characterisation Map to understand more, and create your own plan for uplifting the B40 community, www.sols247.org/b40-characterization-map.

To know more about the inspiring work that the SOLS 24/7 Foundation does for our marginalized communities, visit www.sols247.org/impact.

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