What's New on SOLS 24/7

What's New on SOLS 24/7

We have made our website better for you

The SOLS 24/7 team is excited to share that we have updated our website to make your learning journey with us even better.  

Brand New Class Page

We have added a new classes page where you will find our usual classes under Skills Hub and two upcoming programmes for those interested in Solar and TVET.    

Skills Hub

Used to seeing classes categorised under English, Digital Skills, and Personal Development? These classes are still available under Skills Hub and are now categorised based on the skill you want to build. You can choose from:
  • Communication Skills
  • Digital Career Tools
  • Prepare for an Interview
  • Writing Skills
  • Self Discovery
  • Dealing with Conflict
You can also use the search bar to find your classes easily. Looking for a class conducted by a specific teacher? Browse through our teacher profiles page.  

New Programmes

Interested to kickstart your career journey? We have two upcoming programmes.
  • Solar Academy – A programme to jump-start your career as a solar installer.
  • TVET Academy – A collection of supportive classes that guide TVET students from choosing a programme, all the way to being successful in their chosen career.
Register your interest on the respective pages and you will be the first to know when classes are available.  

Upgraded Class Booking System

We have revamped the way you book a class for your convenience. Create an account and book a class in three easy steps. Subsequent class bookings just take one click. Don’t forget to check your email for your class booking details.  

Brand New Help Centre

    In order to serve you better, we created the Help Centre. Here you'll find answers to your frequently asked questions along with video tutorials on how to get started. You can also reach out to us via WhatsApp if you would like to:
  • Talk to a member of our team about general inquiries and feedback.
  • Ask a teacher about class-related issues.
  • Get help from our tech team about issues with the website.
  Finally, thank you for choosing SOLS 24/7 as your preferred learning platform.

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