Why English is The Language of Business

Why English is The Language of Business
Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. Everyone is connected now through the apps we all use, through smartphones, Facebook, Skype as well as other gadgets and apps. One of the most used languages on the Internet is English - and this is not a coincidence. In this article you discover a couple of solid arguments why this is happening - and why it is more important now than ever to know how to speak and write English. Multiple NGOs focus on teaching English to vulnerable communities as a way of connecting with the "outside" world more and hence creating more economic and business opportunities. For example, SOLS 24/7 teaches English to tribes in Malaysia so they can have more business opportunities - hence increasing the local purchasing power and increasing the local economy. Not only their material circumstances would greatly improve but also their culture and their education could be greatly facilitated by knowing English. Speaking and writing English can open an individual and a community to possibilities which were previously inaccessible. Tourism can flourish this way, as well as opening various markets for foreigners - markets such as handcrafted art and accessories, expressing the local culture in ways which can be understood by those living in foreign cultures. Here are a couple of convincing reasons why English is the language of business worldwide...

Reason #1 - English Is The Language Of Western Civilization

When it comes to the Western world, English is the most spoken language. Spanish is spoken worldwide more often than English but this is true because South American countries are (except Brazil) Spanish speaking countries. Russian is also a popular language worldwide but that is because all the Eastern European countries speak it while Russia is, in itself, a very large country. Chinese is a popular language worldwide due to the sheer size of this country and the large population it houses. This means that English is the language of the "Western" world, which includes Europe and North America - making it one of the most used international language and one of the most important languages to know. Being able to speak and write English tends to be associated with a better education, better living standards and better career prospects. Basically, if you know English, you gain access to the whole Western world with all that it offers - better career and economical opportunities, access to higher-end networking and many other "perks".

Reason #2 - English-Speaking Tourists Are The Most Frequent

Due to the prosperous economical situation of the Western countries (and the rate of exchange of the worldwide currencies), Westerners tend to be able to afford to travel more. This means that most of the worldwide tourists tend to be English speakers. Hence, if smaller communities want to open themselves to the world (and all the benefits that come with it, including more tourism and an increased influx of money) knowing English becomes imperative.

Reason #3 - English Is The Common Language In International Business

Due to the fact that many Western countries are amongst the top financial powers in the world, it would make sense that they would agree on one of the Western languages to be the common denominator. The fact that the English empire had such a strong worldwide influence over the last centuries certainly contributed to considering English the international business language, as well as the growing popularity of American culture in the whole world in the last century. As a conclusion, knowing English is quickly becoming an essential skill to have in the modern, connected world. It would be a pity to miss out on so many opportunities just because somebody would ignore the importance of knowing this international language. Basically, knowing English opens you to the whole world - and not being able to speak it will soon become a tremendous disadvantage. Resource - https://hbr.org/2012/05/global-business-speaks-english
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