Center Coordinator (SOLS Health)

Job Overview

Provides support to Center Manager by performing a broad range of clerical and executive assistant duties. To work collaboratively with parents, staff, Mental Health professionals and the larger community in the delivery of mental health services to the children, parents and staff. Ability to work with a minimum of supervision and as an effective member of a team.

What do I get?


On-job training
for position-related tasks

Letter of Recommendation

Upon excellent


Get mentored by
industry professionals

What do I need?

  • Meticulous, conscientious, systematic, achievement-oriented, good interpersonal skills.
  • Must have effective communication skills, both oral and written, strong organizational, planning & follow-up skills, and problem-solving and time management skills.
  • Knowledge and demonstrated ability of office management skills, familiarity with Microsoft/Windows interface i.e. MS Word and Google interface i.e. Google Doc, Google Drive skills. 
  • Leadership experience.
  • Possess minimum Diploma/Degree in Psychology/Business Admin/Human Resources/Organizational Development/Finance/Marketing with interest in Psychology.

What will I do?

Role and Responsibilities

  • Coordinates activities by scheduling clinical appointments and meetings
  • Ensure the accurate application of the client information data base and other systems as required by the centre policy
  • Maintains records, filing system , prepares reports, and composes correspondence relative to the work
  • Assist Centre Manager to keep track of staff claims, petty cash and the purchase of basic equipment and materials
  • Ensures the maintenance of required program records and follows the SOLS Health filing procedure.
  • Coordinates services with other clinical services, including clinical, social and placement programs, and ensures meetings are scheduled and held accordingly
  • Works closely with the interdisciplinary team to ensure the smooth operation and coordination of the behavioral and mental health programs with the service needs of a facility
  • Participates in administrative staff conferences, work-shops, meetings and committees
  • Performs other duties, as requested

Coordination of Safe Service Delivery

  • Prioritize multiple tasks and use appropriate judgment. Also must have ability to analyze situations and determine which issues can be resolved at this level and which must be referred to the Center Manager/Clinical Director. 
  • Provide assistance and coordination of response in the event of an urgent clinical need arising within the interdisciplinary caseloads or scheduling conflicts.
  • Report to Center Manager or Clinical Director and senior staff any identified service / clinical risks and achievements/ strengths.
  • Contribute proactively to resolution and management of risk.
  • To ensure that the team supports a whole system approach.
  • Ensure organizational and service policy, processes and guidelines are compliance with organization goals and standards.

Community Responsibilities

  • Participates in team meetings and collaborates with the team to strengthen and maintain quality service provision
  • Respect, sensitivity, cultural awareness is evident in interpersonal relationships
  • Acknowledge cultural differences by respecting spiritual beliefs, cultural practices and lifestyle choices

What is working in SOLS 24/7 like?


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SOLS Health

SOLS Health is a mental health centre that connects clients to accessible individual, family and community mental health and nutritional services with an emphasis on combating the stigma of mental health in Malaysia. We will not stop until behavioural health is recognised and accepted in the same light as going to the doctor for your medical problems. We exist because we believe that there is no health without mental health.


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