Solar Energy In Malaysia, The Current State And Prospects

Solar Energy In Malaysia, The Current State And Prospects

Solar Malaysia

Thanks to modern day research, we are familiar with the fact that solar energy provides us with powerful and renewable resources from the sun. What we are also familiar with in this country is the fact that Malaysia provides us with large quantities of sunlight on a daily basis, hence why many visitors flock to our shores to soak up the rays! Yet, these rays are in fact proving to hold huge potential for our country’s economic growth and prospects. Being a tropical land of natural assets, we at SOLS 24/7 have chosen to emphasize the current state of solar energy and highlight its benefits for our society. There are numerous reasons as to why solar energy should be used more frequently and many of these reasons lead to huge prospects for our growing economy. One key phrase which frequently pops up when studying solar energy in Malaysia is that it is ‘the key for sustainable environments’. SOLS 24/7 stand by that saying 100% and we believe that if we act NOW then we can seriously benefit the future generations and even the present, that’s why we have created the Solar Academy so that we can do just that. Our Solar Academy has taken into consideration the potential switch from non-renewable energy to sustainable energy and has created a curriculum to teach the youth of today all about this transformation and how they may implement the tools of solar energy within their own communities. A super awesome attribute to our program is the way we actually take students out of the classroom and train them to install solar systems that they have designed. Plus, as a proud member of the South East Asia Renewable Energy People Assembly, we have maintained and distributed many solar energy structures and will continue to do so for years to come. So why do we give so much of our time and our energy into ensuring that other people appreciate the advantages of having solar power on their side? What are the core reasons that influence this growing trend? Well, primarily it comes down to four main motives:

Solar energy is reliable!

As long as there is sun in the sky (pretty promising for Malaysia), the panels will always produce energy. With the use of solar power, there is the chance that every home in this country may be energy independent as renewable energy would be consistently transmitted through the system. This is great news for the impoverished communities which we aim to assist year by year as they are getting an equal chance at utilising solar power. Also, even if the weather is less sunny, the system’s monitoring capabilities will perform optimally and will act as dependable devices for the homeowner. Solar energy is affordable! That’s right, the prices of solar systems have dramatically decreased in the past ten years and they are much more economical now than they ever were before. Once you install the solar panels then they should be sturdy enough to survive through numerous challenges, their lifetime is up to 30 years and they do not need to use fuels or water. We at SOLS believe that these panels are the perfect feature for many communities in Malaysia who desperately need help and that is why we made it our mission to help install as many as we could for those in need. Additionally, by educating students of these communities, we aren’t just simply handing over solar panels; we are also handing over knowledge for them to pass on from generation to generation. Solar energy is profitable! It is a great way of saving money long-term and holding onto income due to the free energy you will receive from the sun on a daily basis. For those of us who like to save up our ringgit for those rainy days, installation of a solar system will do just that and will save you plenty! We all know how costly electricity bills can be every month, why not begin to make use of what Mother Nature has left us and save some cash? Last but not least, solar energy is EXTREMELY ecological! By acting as one of the cleanest sources of energy, solar power pushes through the boundaries and helps combat greenhouses gas emissions. Fighting against fossil fuels, this form of energy strives to make a real difference to our planet and aims to eradicate any possibilities of critical damage to our environment. You can erase your carbon footprint and refrain from harming your surroundings, it is pollution and noise free; plus it helps towards a better earth!

SOLS Energy program

Each of these four reasons lies within the foundation of our SOLS Energy program and they are there to remind us why we are so passionate about saving our planet and its people. Currently, in Malaysia, there are around one million Malaysians who do not have access to power... ONE MILLION! In the world where technology is advancing exponentially (and at a wild speed too), we need to keep ourselves grounded and remember that there are still communities who are suffering without basic living requirements. At SOLS 24/7 we do not deem this as fair, and if there is an opportunity to help and provide these impoverished communities, it is an opportunity we will not back away from. After all, if we do not act now, then when will we act? It must be recognised that the list of prospects for solar energy and the current state of solar energy in Malaysia is growing. It won’t be long till everyone begins to realise what they have been missing and begin to place solar systems in their own homes. However, in a country of unlimited sunshine (when the thunderstorms are at bay) and a country where there are still many communities without power, we MUST pay attention to the growing prospects. That’s why our teams at SOLS Energy and SOLS Solar Academy both understand what’s at stake and will continue to grow alongside the potential of solar power. If you want to get a FREE power study and quotation for your property, visit to find out more!
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