Curriculum Development Executive

Curriculum Development Executive
Full Time Kuala Lumpur

Job Overview

Curriculum Development Executives are a key division of the Education team. Under the direct supervision of the Senior Education Manager, Curriculum Development Executives contribute to the end-to-end process of syllabus development by understanding the learning needs of the organisation’s target audience, conducting research, structuring modules and lesson plans, delivering classes to test them for efficiency and quality, evaluating and improving modules. SOLS 24/7 puts a high emphasis on employing edutech solutions to increase outreach, impact and to deliver up-to-date educational programmes, so Curriculum Development Executive

Curriculum Development Executives work closely with the teaching, technology and the Monitoring and evaluation teams in order to ensure that the educational objectives of the organisation are being met.

Curriculum Development Executives engage with all educational materials: design framework, textbooks, handouts, lesson plans, evaluation tools etc. with the ultimate goal of creating transformative programmes that enable the students to achieve higher goals for themselves.

What do I get?

  • Job Advancement
    An opportunity for growth - personally and professionally.

  • Create Real Impact
    Know that the work you do changes lives every single day.

  • Work in the New Normal
    Use technology to increase work productivity and effectiveness.

What do I need?

Preferred experience and knowledge

  • Minimum Degree holder in Education, Learning Design, Psychology / Social Sciences, or having substantial experience in curriculum development, teaching or training.TEFL certification, or other relevant English language certification.
  • Basic IT/computer/internet knowledge including online time management and project management tools (trello, AirTable).
  • Knowledge of current techniques and procedures used in the design and development of curriculum.
  • Knowledge of curriculum and instruction.
  • Ability to evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness.
  • Ability to interpret data
  • Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Ability to mentor and train new teachers, ability to hold high standards while also offering support and maintaining positive relationships.

Necessary technical, functional or language skills

  • High proficiency in English (B2-C1) with excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Bahasa Malaysia proficiency is a high advantage.
  • Ability to work autonomously and in a team with limited direct supervision and effective task management.
  • Ability to implement policy and procedures.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both oral and written; research, develop, present, and promote projects; work independently; prioritize work and meet deadlines.
  • Continued professional development to stay current with changing education technology.
  • Knowledge of current literature, trends, and developments in the field.
  • Ability to develop long term goals and objectives.
  • Eye for detail and identifying problems
  • Flexible and willing to accept a change in priorities as necessary.

What will I do?

1. Curriculum Development

  • Participate in the development and evaluation of new curriculum;
  • Conduct research and consult with the target group, indirect beneficiaries, and relevant internal teams in the design and development of new curriculum;
  • Review / assess the current curriculum to ensure it meets the organisation’s needs;
  • Prepare instructional material, evaluation tools, and develop outlines with the necessary basic detail to direct instruction;
  • Prepare scripts of lessons for video recording;
  • Prepare any supporting documentation relevant to modules, projects, programmes;
  • Develop and maintain a research database that can be utilised in future curriculum review and development;
  • Use evaluations and data to recommend curriculum improvements and better use of technology in education design and delivery;
  • Actively pursue opportunities to continue to learn best practices in curriculum writing and edutech through research, professional development, and other learning opportunities.

2. Training

  • Be able to teach and follow the SOLS 24/7 English methodology, curriculum and syllabus;
  • Deliver training as per the agreed hours and schedule for the assigned classes;
  • Test educational content in different ways for quality, relevance and efficiency;
  • Coordinate, track and report the progress of students;
  • Train other team members in curriculum development.

3. Administration

  • Manage student and research data as per the programme scope;
  • Provide task progress reports as requested;
  • Document the curriculum development process as per the standard process;
  • Other administrative tasks requested by SOLS smart management, as and when required.
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