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Job Overview

The Community Centre Manager (CCM) is accountable for the performance of the community centre, meeting the centre objectives, and running of daily classes. These classes include providing a range of English, computer and life skills classes. The CCM will be accountable for daily administration, monthly accounts of the centre and community engagement in the form of organizing monthly community events and networking and identifying NGOs. This position includes planning, developing, coordinating, implementing and evaluating a range of community initiatives. The CCM is the main point of contact between the Community Centre and the organization.

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What is working in SOLS 24/7 like?


Key Tasks



Community Engagement

What do I get?




What do I need?


  • Able to commit to a minimum of 1 month training + minimum 6 or  preferable 12 months placement to gain full exposure;
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree;
  • High Proficiency in written & spoken English;
  • IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge or any other English qualifications are not necessary, but are an added advantage;
  • Work experience, including demonstrated leadership and management skills.
  • Must have a motorbike license.

What will I do?

Teaching (60%)

  • Planning and preparing classes
  • Teaching according to the education needs of students
  • Teaching according to the SOLS 24/7 Science of Language System
  • Attain and maintain student participation

Community Engagement (25%)

  • Daily management of a Community Centre
  • Collaborate and work with local community leaders
  • Establish and maintain good relationships with the local community
  • Create and implement community activities and programmes such as sports, environmental awareness, etc

Other Activities (15%)

  • Prepare weekly and monthly reports
  • Give students advice on future careers
  • Immerse yourself and try to understand the lives of the local community

Our Community Center Manager Joe Byrnes, USA, teaching English in Kuala Betis

Community Center Manager Reza Pochee, South Africa.

How to apply?


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