Your contribution supplements the teachers’ salaries and the tech stack that powers the learning platforms.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on your support to keep serving our communities. Every single ringgit helps us make a big difference – together.

Make Free Education A Reality for B40 Communities

100% of your donations go towards providing free education, personal development and employment support for Malaysia’s B40 communities.


*Donations above RM50 are tax-exempt.

Other Ways To Contribute

Bank Transfer

We also accept offline donations through bank transfers.
Offline Donation

Bank Transfer


Donate to us by transferring funds to our bank account:

  • Bank: Hong Leong Bank Berhad
  • Account Number: 00100915325
  • Account Name: Science of Life Studies 247


Email your bank-in slip to [email protected] with the following details for your tax-exemption receipt:

  • Name of donor
  • NRIC no. / Passport no. / Business registration no. (for organisations)
  • Complete address

Corporate Support

Find out how your organisation can partner with SOLS 24/7.

Hear From Our Donors

2 in every 5 Malaysians are in the B40 category.

1.8 million workers who are unskilled and unemployed are categorized as B40s.
We are on a mission to change this reality.

Economic help is only temporary, but education is permanent.

We want to serve, educate & empower every individual from the B40 community with free education, personal development and employment support.

We want them to learn the right skills, have a successful career, and build a better life.

Our Values

  • Impact Driven

    We focus on results.
    We actively measure the impact of our education with valuable data.
  • Transparent

    We showcase all of our impacts publicly. 100% of your funds will be used for this cause. You will receive the latest updates and news regarding how transformative your contribution is.
  • Sustainable

    Education enriches the future.
    Our platform is designed for the long-term growth of Malaysia’s B40 to create and lead empowered lives.

Do you need assistance?
Contact us for donation enquiries and tax exemption receipt requests.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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