Education and Training Executive

Job Overview

An education and training executive is responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the education programmes in the organization by ensuring sufficient professional preparation for the SOLS teaching staff as per the job requirements. The executive also contributes to increasing the efficiency of our education materials through research, education development and monitoring.

What is working in SOLS 24/7 like?

Key Tasks


Design Education Materials

Research & Development

What do I get?



[only Internationals]


[only Internationals]

*Note: Based on Malaysian Immigration approval


What do I need?

  • 1-2 years of training or teaching background (experience/studies).
  • Experience in training (soft skills, empowerment skills etc).
  • Experience/knowledge on syllabus development.
  • Bachelors in Education or relevant field.
  • B2-C1 proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • People oriented.
  • Flexible  (working with different projects and tasks).
  • Willing and able to work in a team.
  • Open to a new methodology and approach to education.

What will I do?

Research and development on education and training materials needs based (30%)

  • Update and improve Education standards in SOLS programs;
  • Research and develop teaching tools, methods, education approach;
  • Develop education materials and guidelines for SOLS projects as advised by the supervisor.

Monitor and evaluate the education products/services project based (30%)

  • Design and improve the education monitoring system;
  • Track and analyse program performance based on the data;
  • Prepare action plans needs based to ensure standards are met.

Plan and conduct professional training sessions internally and externally (20%)

  • Conduct or facilitate new hire orientation sessions and plan, organize and direct new employee training;
  • Provide assessment tools for evaluation and follow up on the interventions delivered by the department.

Plan and conduct teaching sessions project based (20%)

  • Prepare and conduct classes/teaching sessions as required by the supervisor;
  • Perform administrative tasks related to the classes conducted, as required by the program.

Community Centre Managers and Volunteer Teachers in training

Community Center Managers Training: Cultural Event 

Interested or have any questions regarding the position? 

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SOLS 24/7 Foundation

Being a part of our foundation means that you will share our vision that people from all communities – regardless of race, religion or gender, will equally have education and social empowerment services accessible. We have a vision that will ensure developed societies with equal opportunities for all. We are an impact-driven humanitarian organisation that values transparency in our collaboration with partners which ensures that our devotion to serving the underserved communities helps break the cycle of poverty.  We always aim for long-term sustainable solutions to be implemented which requires that we as an organisation are adequate in our services to the community.

We work hard every day for the sake of giving back to the community. We operate through a diverse range of high-impact programmes designed to increase the opportunities and quality of life for beneficiaries from many different underserved communities. We conduct our programmes through our foundation’s 4 main sectors: education, technology, mental health and renewable energy.