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100% of your donations go towards educating Malaysia’s B40 communities.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on support from individuals like you to keep serving our communities. Help us democratize education for the nation. Every single ringgit helps us make a big difference – together.

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2 in every 5 Malaysians are in the B40 category.

1.8 million workers who are unskilled and unemployed are categorized as B40s.

We are on a mission to change this reality.

Economic help is only temporary, but education is permanent.

We want to empower every individual from the B40 community with free education. We want to provide them equal access to quality education that they wouldn’t normally have.

We want them to learn the right skills, have a successful career, and build a better life.

Our Values

  • Impact Driven

    We focus on results.
    We actively measure the impact of our education with valuable data.

  • Transparent

    We showcase all of our impacts publicly. 100% of your funds will be used for this cause. You will receive the latest updates and news regarding how transformative your contribution is.

  • Sustainable

    Education enriches the future.
    Our platform is designed for the long-term growth of Malaysia’s B40 to create and lead empowered lives.

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