Evelina Gasiūnaitė – Testimonial

Before I decided to join SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, I was choosing between studying for a master degree or to go abroad and to get experience there.

I chose SOLS Malaysia and I’m happy about my decision even until today. I have learned many things and got skills which I will never learn or get in any school or university. I faced many challenges which are connected with cultural differences, self improvement and many more. These experiences gave me a lot, pushed me to reach what sometimes look impossible, helped to see the happiness in more situations and to understand how sometimes is important to get a helping hand when you need it.

I was teaching in the SOLS 24/7 Youth Development Center in Borneo, where I spent time with students- honestly, 24 hours and seven days per week. And I’m happy, cause it gave me a chance to be more close with the students, to know them more,  making it easier to help them with their problems or studies. When you spend every day with them, students and your supportive colleagues become like your family members. I was very happy to see student’s improvements, how they changed from the day they joined the school till their last day. There can’t be better reward for your work than to see your students confident communicating in English and ready to face new challenges in the future.

I will always remember  our trips to the student’s villages where I met their families and neighbours, tasted local food, sometimes had an honor to be the first foreigner there, will remember school’s activities, dancing traditional dances and singing local songs, playing with water, laugh during the classes and will remember my new skills to build the bamboo house. These unforgettable experiences changed my life and understanding about it.

Everyone who is thinking to apply to SOLS 24/7 Malaysia, I can advice that only YOU create your life, and if you want to fill it with unforgettable memories, adventurous, new friends, great work experience in a foreign country and to help other people to reach their life goals, it’s the best place to do it.

Nationality: Lithuanian
University: ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania
Placement: May 2014 – July 2015
Department: Volunteer Teacher, Education