Felicity Taylor – Testimonial

Now that my year at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia has come to an end, I can safely say that coming to Malaysia and immersing myself in an Orang Asli community and such an innovative organisation was the best thing I have been given the chance to do. Not only was I able to gain valuable experience by working as a Community Development Officer, but I also got to learn so much about different cultures and communities.

Forming new friendships with people from all corners of the world whom I would have otherwise never had the chance to meet if I hadn’t come here has been so wonderful, and I would definitely recommend SOLS 24/7 to everyone because of it’s total dedication to a cause that can benefit everyone involved.

I remember the first night I arrived at my community centre wondering if I would be able to make it through the year, not knowing the language or my community’s way of life. Within weeks I felt totally at home with wonderful family and friends who opened up their lives to me, and taught me so much.

Malaysia has been an exciting place to explore, with no two places the same. Each community however as friendly as the next, and being a foreigner I did enjoy the attention and generosity given to me.

It’s really wonderful to see how SOLs 24/7 Malaysia has grown in so many different ways since I joined. The different projects it is running are so exciting, I definitely picked the wrong time to leave!

After I’ve completed my masters degree back in England I will definitely be returning to SOLS 24/7 to learn more and be a part of the educational revolution that is happening.

Nationality: British
University: Birmingham City
Placement: September 2013- August 2014
Department: Community Development (Education)