Gordana Novakovic – Testimonial

Excuse you Mr. One Year, who invited you and why did you come so fast?!

These were my thoughts after I have completed my one-year contract as a Community Development Officer in SOLS 24/7.

After university, I faced the question, which I believe many young people face. The question: what now? I was really passionate about human rights, and this time I wanted to explore the education aspect of it, with a combination of development on a grass-root level.

How lucky I was to be introduced to SOLS, which does just that!

For one year I got to know the heart and soul of the community I was based in. I ran my community center and had the freedom to be as creative as I could. Now tell me, how many times in your life did you have an opportunity to do that? When someone asked me what I do, I would say that I am opening the doors to the world for kids. And then I realized, that it wasn’t me that is opening the door, but the kids themselves! I was just giving them the key to do so. Talk about getting a purpose in life, huh?

If you ask me how I feel now, I could put it in one word: rich. And of course, I don’t mean money wise, but that my entire experience has been enriching. Culturally, emotionally, professionally. In any way, really. You have 3 completely different cultures to explore, many traditions to learn about, much food to try… Not to mention that the nature in Malaysia is absolutely beautiful – from mountains to islands. What more could you ask for?

And what are you waiting for?

Thank you SOLS 24/7 Malaysia for letting me be a part of this incredible journey, thank you Sungai Suloh for accepting me as one of your own, and thank you everyone else who has made my stay unforgettable.

Thank you. Terima kasih. Hvala.

Nationality: Serbian
University: Union University
Placement: August 2014 – August 2015
Department: Community Development Officer, Education