The Critical Role of Humanitarian Organizations

The Critical Role of Humanitarian Organizations

Although things may look bleak from time to time regarding humanity's current condition, there is hope!

We are currently experiencing a shift on all levels of society - social, economical, political and even spiritual. This shift occurs due to the fact that all our previous growth systems do not work anymore - or they are fueling our race to the bottom. Let's take capitalism for example. Although it was very useful and certainly a more preferable option over other less desirable ones (such as communism, fascism and so on), capitalism has reached its peak evolution. The planet's resources are not unlimited but capitalism keeps focusing on consumption and production as the necessary means to moving forward. That is why there are many innovative currents which are revolutionizing the markets they belong to. Green energy, the manufacturing of electric cars, the changes in our work culture thanks to the Internet and so on - they are all making a massive impact as we speak.

Humanitarian Organizations

However, we are still caught in the same line of thinking that capitalism promoted - every man for himself, trying to reach the peak of social success. The question is - is this philosophy making us happier and more evolved human beings? Or is it just another old remnant of the capitalistic mentality? This is where humanitarian organizations come in. Although in recent years corporations have started to contribute more and more to social projects (through what is called "CSR", corporate social responsibility), there are still many uncovered needs throughout the world in vulnerable social groups. For example, when natural disasters hit, the first people coming in aid are the experienced humanitarian organisations. The expertise they have developed over the years as well as the trained staff know what they have to do to find a remedy for the situation as fast as possible.(See the Top 5 Humanitarian Organizations) But disasters do not have to hit for us to feel more humanitarian. There are plenty of vulnerable social groups who need our support on an everyday basis - from underprivileged children to patients suffering from mental health issues, from children not having the access to a basic education to people not having access to clean water. That is why humanitarian organizations are playing an important role in society. We need to stop thinking so much in terms of "Me, me, me" and start thinking more in terms of "We, we, we". Only then humanity will access the next level in its evolution, both social-wise and technological-wise. SOLS is one of the top Malaysian humanitarian organizations offering help to underprivileged social groups and working towards a greener, more sustainable future. If you would like to find out more about SOLS,click here.
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