Dismantling education inequality is at the heart of what we do.

Over the last 21 years, we have been relentless in our mission to serve, educate and empower the marginalised communities living among us. Spanning across Malaysia, our various education initiatives have transformed more than 500,000 lives to date.

These are some of our high-impact programmes, some of which are still active and making a difference in the community today.

SOLS Community Centres

Active Programme
A free education programme specializing in English, Digital Tools and Personal Development, delivered at the grassroots level to marginalized and disadvantaged communities, resulting in high-impact, long-lasting social change. To break the cycle of poverty, we have to break the mindset. Community Centres doesn’t only provide hard skills, but also changes their approach to life, allowing our students to recognize opportunities to achieve a better future.
100 +
community centres set up
active community centres
students trained
community programmes

SOLS Solar Academy

Active Programme

The SOLS Solar Academy (previously known as SOLS.ai) is a FREE 18-month education programme designed to provide technical skills in the solar industry and personal development training to young underprivileged Malaysians. Our indigenous students had to drop out of school early to earn a living. This is their second chance to get a real education to expand their internship and employment opportunities. 

years running
800 +
scholarships provided

SOLS Energy

Active Programme
SOLS Energy is a green energy company that customers love. We are a social enterprise that lives responsibility to the core. Responsibility for our customers, employees, communities and planet. We are technology-enthusiasts, sustainability-activists and energy-visionaries who are on the way to provide clean energy to every house. We are leaders in the residential solar market and enable SMEs to operate more efficiently.
275 +
kWp installed
170000 +
pounds of carbon emission prevented
100 +
solar installation projects

SOLS edu Pro

Active Programme
SOLS edu Pro is the premier English learning app to help individuals master business English and increase their earning potential. Users can choose to learn English through Malay, Mandarin or Indonesian with the app! With the benefits of digital education and practice, we make English accessible to all.
languages to learn English through
48000 +
app installs to date
average rating on Google Play Store

SOLS Smart

Active Programme
SOLS Smart is a social enterprise that aims to provide high quality and easy education accessible to anyone and everyone. Combining the best practices of education and technology, we bring cutting edge solutions to the table and keep education simple.
24000 +
professionals trained in English
5000 +
individuals trained in IT programmes
teachers trained in Google programmes


Previous Programme

NGOhub is an online and offline platform dedicated to enable, empower and serve changemakers. Most NGOs struggle to achieve their missions due to lack of proper support, finances, resources and recognition. We connect NGOs to resources, experts, volunteers and grants, to transform them into impact-driven and sustainable organisations and help them gain recognition and support for their good work. 

503 +
NGOs verified
4963 +
volunteers recruited

SOLS Health

Previous Programme

1 in 3 Malaysians suffer from mental health issues and 76.5% of Malaysians believe that there is no such thing as mental health. To combat this stigma we established SOLS Health; a mental health centre that connects clients to accessible individual, family and community mental health and nutritional services. We offer subsidized rates to clients with low monthly household income and regularly conduct public talks and workshops to raise mental health awareness.

550 +
600 +
community programmes & workshop hours


Previous Programme

SOLS Tech is our social enterprise and computer refurbishing initiative.We collect old and unused devices from the public, refurbish them, then deliver them to needy communities in an attempt to close the digital divide. As a licenced refurbisher, we guarantee that the donated computers are refurbished to the highest standard possible, data wiped and equipped with original software.

400 +
organisations reached
full computer sets donated
used IT devices collected

SOLS Scholar Development Programme (SDP)

Previous Programme

A scholarship development programme that works with partners to nurture and develop underprivileged high school leavers to obtain their tertiary education and become employable upon graduation. Our enrichment framework covers development in academic skills, soft skills, social awareness, and provides a safe and positive living space with daily meals. Thus far, we have successfully implemented and managed scholarship programmes for government and corporate foundations.

1300 +
participants trained
scholarships provided
150 +
development workshops conducted

SOLS Borneo Green Academy

Previous Programme

The Borneo Green Academy is a free boarding programme that aims to develop underprivileged youth in Borneo. We offer English, Maths, IT and Character Building classes. Our aim is to develop our students’ foundational skills, improve their employability, and developing their characters to break the cycle of poverty.

years running
300 +
job opportunities created for students

Community Library

Previous Programme
A library-building initiative that fights to bring the love of reading to underprivileged communities nationwide. We receive donated books from the public and channel them to build libraries for orphanages, NGOs and Orang Asli communities. Our libraries are built with dedicated reading spaces complete with bookshelves, carpets and beanbags.
52 +
libraries built
15800 +
books donated

English Movement

Previous Programme

70% of Malaysians do not speak employable English. That is more than 10million people who do not operate at their peak performance. The English Movement promotes the use of English to enhance career, business, and study opportunities. A movement championed by role models, corporate and social sector Malaysia.


Previous Programme

Actyvate was a nationwide crowdfunding movement that engaged, inspired and motivated youth to create national transformation, through creativity and innovation. Whether you want to create your own project or help bring someone else’s idea to life by making a pledge, we can help you with that.

RM 6000000
150 +
fully funded projects

Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia (BI1M)

Previous Programme
BI1M was an initiative by the Ministry of Finance in partnership with SOLS 24/7 to deliver English training to Malaysians of all ages for free. The programme taught basic communicative English to Malaysians nationwide, boosting their confidence in the language and encouraging the use of English as a second language in Malaysia
23164 +
Malaysians trained
community event beneficiaries
classes conducted