Jack Seaberry – Testimonial

Working with SOLS 24/7 has been an incredible experience, one which allowed me to grow and develop immensely in a small timeframe. The culturally diverse dynamic of the office is delicious, and I deeply appreciate all that was done for me there.

Seeing work on the ground and feeling as though we aid the people who need it most drives the workers to perform well, but friendly contact in the office is what really unites us. Work is well balanced with social time, and jokes are frequently passed back and forth.

As we all live in the same building, we become very close with one another, which helps make work go by. The conditions of the dorm are basic, but more than enough to be comfortable in. Adapting to the space can take a week or two, but once you get used to it you’ll feel happy to be there.

Living in Malaysia is a cultural buffet. Because of the diverse range of cultures that call Malaysia home, coming here allows you to see a wide range of people, much more than you might do in other Asian countries.

The ability to expand and grow with your work here is incredibly pronounced. If you show initiative, aptitude, and effort, then you will be allowed to develop yourself and gradually develop new skills which you might not have previously even realized you were capable of.

SOLS is a wonderful experience for anyone and everyone whose minds are open and motivated. I would highly recommend this workplace for anyone interested in engaging with social issues via an effective corporate model.

Nationality: Canada
Placement: June – November 2018
Department: MarComms