Jenny Kim – Testimonial

Oh, I don’t even know where to begin when talking about the past year with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia!

I guess firstly, what really made this year truly unforgettable are the relationships I made with people in my community and in the organization. Students would take me into their homes and make sure that I have sampled every Chinese, Malay, and Indian dish available. Their hospitality and generosity is something that has left such an impact on my life (and my waistline!).

People in the community who are not even participating in class would invite me over to their house for a meal or bring heaps of fruit to my house. The bonds I formed with my students is something that I will always cherish! I am so grateful for everyone who has taken time to help me feel welcome and a part of their family in Malaysia.

Although travelling around Malaysia is spectacular, my favorite part of the year is the time I spent with the community as a part of their family. Working with SOLS has really been an eye opening experience! When I first arrived, it was only 30 people and six or seven centers. Seeing the organization grow and expand has been extremely gratifying.

I can’t even explain how much SOLS is learning and adapting to the different challenges we face. They provided support in areas that we felt insecure in and took into account certain things that we felt needed to change. It shows that they listen to their employees and volunteers and value our opinions and input. Teaching can be one of the most gratifying yet most frustrating job in the world!! Dealing with a wily bunch of children sometimes made me want to pull my hair out. It takes a lot of experimenting in the classroom to redirect their energy into learning. Once they start learning and understanding the lessons, it is amazing how dedicated they will become! Even after a few weeks, the students became more confident in speaking. We can have the funniest conversations about the silliest things now!

Malaysia will always be a part of my life now. I know I will be back one day whether it is with SOLS or just to visit my students

Nationality: American
University: University of Puget Sound
Placement: September 2013- August 2014
Department: Education (Community Development Officer)