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4 Reasons to work at SOLS 24/7 

International Team

The SOLS 24/7 team thrives on a healthy inflow of international volunteers and professionals. Our team consists of a blend of cultures and nationalities, promoting diversity and unity. If you are looking for an international work environment, look no further.


Work for an Award-Winning Humanitarian Organization / NGO

SOLS 24/7 has received both local and international awards in recognition for its service to the underserved. We have been operating for 17 years and we’ve trained over 325,000 students over the years. One of the largest Humanitarian Organizations in Malaysia. We dream big.


Understand Malaysia

We operate 11 diverse programmes in four core sectors. Working with SOLS 24/7 in Malaysia helps you understand the broad climate of issues Malaysia faces. You will not only gain the exterior perception, but also the understanding of Malaysia’s deeper socioeconomic atmosphere and it’s place as a developing country in the modern global arena.


Broaden Your Professional Horizons

Our work culture is flexible, dynamic and fast-paced. A large part of your experience with us is decided by you. If you are a passionate individual with a powerful drive, we are the platform for you to realize your possibilities.

Cool Work Environment

Headquarters: Office


Headquarters: Office

Headquarters: Canteen

Social Enterprise office

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