Katerine Radnaeva – Testimonial

When I was studying at the University I was plagued by thoughts to go somewhere and make the difference. AIESEC suggested to go to SOLS 24/7 and I decided to take this opportunity. I really think that I’m very lucky I did not change my mind. Now I can understand that I did not have any exact goals when I was making my decision but I liked SOLS from the website and AIESEC sources and I just felt that it was mine. I wanted to go and try. And as a result of this decision I loved all the teachers and students from the bottom of my heart.

When you go there you will find very different people with different lives and be free to talk about many interesting topics. All the teachers really care about the students. The teachers try their best to give the students a good education and change their character so the students can find their place in this world. The students are very-very friendly and happy to study. They respect and listen to the teachers.Sure to mention the SOLS principles. They are to avoid judging people, to be a friendly happy family all together and keep on trying your best. The teachers and students make a lot of different activities together from the movie/social night to cooking group.

So it feels like a big good family. It was the most memorable journey in my life. And I am sure I will never forget those lovely days I spent in SOLS. Those people really want to improve life of every human being and by the way they helped me a lot. I just can say “Thank you very much, SOLS!”

Nationality: Russia
Volunteer in: Malaysia
Period: September 2011 / December 2011