Louise Smith – Testimonial

My time at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia was short but very sweet.

I jumped at the opportunity to apply for the 8-week summer internship between my first and second years at Newcastle University; it was a fantastic chance to combine my course studies of Marketing with my personal interests of travel and volunteering.

Through this organisation I have gained not only work experience, but also valuable life experience. I now recognise the importance of marketing for an NGO, and how communications is vital in promoting such a worthwhile cause as SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and the work that they are doing.

It is highly rewarding to witness first hand how the time and effort spent by those in the headquarters can directly impact members of the Malaysian public that need our help. Being here for 8 weeks gave me enough time to witness the headquarters during a formal departmental restructuring, CDO training and a changemaker graduation. This meant I met people that are involved with SOLS 24/7 for different purpose, and so learning about their reasons for joining this organisation was very thought-provoking.

SOLS 24/7 Malaysia creates a working environment that is both motivational and inspirational. SOLS 24/7 is full of hard working and committed volunteers and it was a pleasure to work alongside them. There is a real sense at SOLS 24/7 that we are all working towards one goal, as a team together. This dynamic organisation facilitates growth on a personal level, working as part of a diverse and multicultural headquarters is truly unique and encourages a rounded and conscientious approach to decision-making that I will take home with me.

I have had an incredible summer working for SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and the memories that I have created will last a lifetime. I was able to experience Malaysia on a level that far exceeds what I would have been able to do as a tourist, I got a thorough insight into the culture of Malaysia, the city of Kuala Lumpur and the community of SOLS 24/7.

I would like to thank SOLs 24/7 for having me as part of their headquarters and I wish this organisation every success in the future!

Nationality: British
University: Newcastle University
Placement: July & August 2014
Department: Communications