MC Coordinator

Job Overview

Act as a focal point and responsible to provide remote support to meet the objectives and requirements of the SOLS Community Centre programme which includes but not limited to: undertake other duties to further promote the objectives of the Community Centre Programme as directed by the Management Team.

What is working in SOLS 24/7 like?

Key Tasks


Identify and define project requirements

Monitoring Project Process

What do I get?



[only Internationals]


[only Internationals]

*Note: Based on Malaysian Immigration approval


What do I need?

  • At least Diploma, Advance/ Higher/ Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Business Administration, Studies or another equivalent;
  • Minimum of 1-3 years working experience in project management, coordination, or event management; 
  • Knowledge in the related field is required;
  • Must have the ability to report to work on a regular and punctual basis, despite working in flexible schedule;
  • Passionate in community development and management in both individual and wide community intervention;
  • Working knowledge and implementation of Google Suites, computers and current communication technology as work tools;
  • Strong proficiency in English essential (oral and written);
  • Excellent people and community skill;
  • Ability to establish and maintain a cooperative and effective working relationship with others;
  • Understanding of SOLS 24/7 values, principles and objectives and demonstrated ability to put them into practice in the workplace;
  • Proven ability in the areas of organization skills, conflict resolution, advocacy and group facilitation;
  • Ability to work independently, as well as part of a multidisciplinary team.

What will I do?


  • Liaising with Community Centre Management Team and relevant partners to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives;
  • To assist the Community Centre Management Team in organising and maintaining efficient administrative systems;
  • To participate with other managers and staff in developing systems, policies and procedures to ensure the effective delivery of services and programmes;
  • Making certain that Partner’s and Community Centre team’s needs are met as the project evolves;
  • Monitor and track project’s progress and handle any range of complex and challenging issues that arise from the Community Centre Managers, Volunteers or communities;
  • To assist in the maintenance of the Community Centres, with the Management Team, i.e. recording issues and liaising with the Operations and Procurement team to ensure that any repairs or replacement of items are carried out;
  • To assist in monitoring the use of services and programs by ensuring Community Centre Managers maintain the monitoring tools; recording statistics on relevant databases and collating information for evaluation and monitoring purposes;
  • Coordinating activities, resources, equipment and information;
  • Help prepare project proposals, timeframes, schedule and budget.

Management Team

  • Act as the point of contact and communicate project status adequately to all Community Centre Managers and relevant team members;
  • To attend staff team meetings, supervision, and training, when required;
  • To undertake occasional evening/weekend work;
  • Use project management tools to monitor working hours, budget, plans and money spent;
  • Work with Management Team to ensure issuance of all appropriate legal paperwork;
  • Report and escalate to the management team as needed;
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation, plans and reports.


  • To oversee and supervise the work of staff for whom the post holder is responsible, delegating tasks as appropriate;
  • To work with the Human Resource and Communications department responsible for personnel related issues including, placing advertisements, arranging interviews etc;
  • To be responsible for keeping up to date information on staff employed by the Community Centre, and managing staff and recruitment records in line with data protection legislation and good practice;
  • To be responsible for overseeing staff holiday, sickness records;
  • To work with the Human Resource department to ensure Criminal Records Bureau Checks are carried out for all personnel.

Supporting Community Centre Managers & Volunteers

  • To act as main contact for all Community Centre Managers & volunteers and implement the volunteer recruitment plan with the Human Resource department;
  • To provide support and guidance to Community Centre Managers & volunteers;
  • To ensure that all Community Centre Managers & volunteers have role descriptions from the Human Resource department;
  • To work with the Human Resource department to ensure recruitment & volunteering packs are up to date with the latest information;
  • To ensure Community Centre Managers & volunteers receive appropriate information relevant to their training requirements;
  • Visiting the Community Centres as and when needed for field visits and support;
  • To ensure that all Community Centre Managers & volunteers are recognised for the work that they do.

Interested or have any questions regarding the position? 

Please apply here or contact us at +60390549247 for further information.

Applications close on 19th August 2019.

SOLS 24/7 Foundation

Being a part of our foundation means that you will share our vision that people from all communities – regardless of race, religion or gender, will equally have education and social empowerment services accessible. We have a vision that will ensure developed societies with equal opportunities for all. We are an impact-driven humanitarian organisation that values transparency in our collaboration with partners which ensures that our devotion to serving the underserved communities helps break the cycle of poverty.  We always aim for long-term sustainable solutions to be implemented which requires that we as an organisation are adequate in our services to the community.

We work hard every day for the sake of giving back to the community. We operate through a diverse range of high-impact programmes designed to increase the opportunities and quality of life for beneficiaries from many different underserved communities. We conduct our programmes through our foundation’s 4 main sectors: education, technology, mental health and renewable energy.