Nadhirah Fazil – Testimonial

One Spongebob-looking smile, that was all it took for me to fall in love with SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. I remember visiting one of the centres in an aboriginal village during my second week at SOLS 24/7.

I played around with the students for only a little while, but I was sad to let them go. Leaving them behind, to me, was very heart-breaking, as their spongebob-looking smile left a trace in my heart. Their smile motivated me, and that was how I made full use of my internship at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. It was from then on that I realised that my duty at SOLS 24/7 HQ could be a big impact towards the student’s future.

Growing up, I have always told myself to be humble, honest and happy. Now this is the part where I want to compliment SOLS 24/7 the most. SOLS 24/7 to me is like a gateway to positivity. Thinking of the students humbles me, my responsibilities taught me honesty, while my SOLS family have never missed a chance to make me feel happy. Though my time at SOLS 24/7 was short, the opportunities and experiences I have gained was like a treasure I could never gain elsewhere.

Though SOLS 24/7 is very diverse, everyone seems to be very friendly, united and full of positivity. In short, three months will never be enough to become as wonderful as everyone at SOLS 24/7 but I am very honoured to say that they have helped me to become a better person. Through SOLS 24/7, I believe that I have become more confident in every single steps I take. From now on, I will take SOLS 24/7 ‘s positivity and bring it everywhere I go.

Nationality: Malaysian
University: Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Placement: June 2014- September 2014
Department: Admin and Operations