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What is NGOhub?

NGOhub is an online and offline platform dedicated to enable, empower and serve NGOs. We champion effectiveness, transparency and sustainability, and we connect NGOs to information, resources, experts, volunteers and grants. Above all, we connect NGOs to each other, to inspire collaboration to solve society’s problems together.


How do we do it?

NGO Academy

Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration

NGO Verification

Verify legitimate NGOs nationwide


Crowd-funding & Resource Channeling

Volunteer Platform

Skilled / Non-Skilled Volunteer Channeling

Why does NGOhub exist?

The most neglected problems faced by society are not those engaged by corporations or governments, but by NGOs. But however for all their efforts, most NGOs struggle to achieve their missions. They lack proper support, finances, resources and recognition.

While corporations establish trade unions, form partnerships and hold conferences for building sustainable and effective organisations, NGOs struggle in isolation, heavily dependant on donations and fluctuating public interest. NGOhub exists because NGOs deserve recognition, acknowledgement and support for their good work. We aim to transform NGOs into impact-driven and sustainable organisations tackling problems collectively.

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