SOLS Netherlands


What is SOLS Netherlands?

SOLS 24/7 Netherlands Foundation (Stichting SOLS 24/7 Nederland) is the Dutch branch of SOLS 24/7 and serves as a regional hub for our activities across Europe.

SOLS 24/7 Netherlands is registered as:

  • Non-profit organisation with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (reg. no.669.82.464).
  • Public benefit organisation (ANBI) with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (RSIN 8567.80.789).
  • EVS accredited organisation under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission (2017-1-NL02-KA110-001705).

Why does SOLS Netherlands exist?

In a world where opportunities are unequally distributed, we exist to serve, educate, and empower, those from under-served communities, irrespective of race, creed, or religion, to enable them with the skills, knowledge and tools, to take charge of their lives, break the cycle of poverty and become contributing members to society.


What does SOLS Netherlands do?


Volunteerism and Placement Opportunities

Mobility Projects & Capacity Building


Our Management Board

The foundation is governed by the Management Board which consists of four board members: Mr. R. Singh (Chairman), Ms. D. Chelliah (Secretary), Mr. T. Spijker (Treasurer), Mr. R. Spijker (Member). None of the board members receive a salary or renumeration from the Foundation.






For any queries, please contact us at [email protected]