Our Team

The SOLS 24/7 management board has developed and implemented high impact, scalable and cost-effective programmes to increase the quality of life of communities through education, technology, mental health, renewable energy and social empowerment.

AllFoundationSocial Enterprises

T.Raj Ridvan Singh

Founder-CEO, Education Revolutionist

Tim Spijker

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - SOLS Energy

Ash Luques

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - SOLS edu Pro

Jaran Walia

Chief Sales Officer - Senior Director

Shara Palanivel

Chief Technology Officer

Aldrian Foo

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Danutcha Catriona Singh

Managing Director - SOLS Academy of Innovation

Daniela Strîmbei

Senior Director - Education

Alya Syahida Allias

Marcomms Director

Harvind Ganase

Procurement & Logistics Director

Hakim Albasrawy

Strategy Director
Zoran Hajdarevic

Zoran Hajdarevic

Technical Director - SOLS Energy

Adam Teh

Admin & Finance Director

Amir Kamaruddin

Business Development Director

Hamdan Akau

Director - SOLS Academy of Innovation

Syaeista Khanum

Head of Operations - SOLS Energy

Munindran Vasuthevan

HR Manager

Rashmita Panda Bhattacharjee

Talent Acquisition Manager

Ho Kee Keong

Accounting Manager

Siti Khadijah Korai

Operations & SDP Manager

Fazhar Bin Sharin

Education Manager

Anand Bhandari

Software & Development Manager

Dr. Joanne Low

Programme Manager - Mandarin

Nurul Nadia Binti Limun

Operations & Administration Senior Manager - SOLS Energy

Muslim Bin Haji Ahmad

Senior Manager Government Relations & Stakeholder Management - SOLS Energy

Amarjit Singh

Logistics Manager - SOLS Energy

Sabrina Binti Azham

Sales Engineer Manager - SOLS Energy

Abdul Muhammad Khalif

Sales Engineer Deputy Manager - SOLS Energy

Amirul Wafiy

Sales Engineer - SOLS Energy

Farid Kamal Zainuddin

Sales Engineer - SOLS Energy

Sreedhar A/L R. Davaraja

Sales Engineer - SOLS Energy

Azwan Hussaini

Sales Engineer - SOLS Energy

Jeprin Rasdu

Senior Solar Installer - SOLS Energy

Baharin Bin Baharom

Installation Manager - SOLS Energy

Nadzari Bin Zainal

HR Executive

Siti Raihana Rosli

Accounting Executive

Farah Hisham

Program Management Executive

Kudzai Charlton

Education Executive

Ayu Binti Majid

SOLS.ai Teacher

Miri Binti Adek

SOLS.ai Teacher

Nabilah Husna Farijal

Solar PV Trainer - SOLS Energy

Naqiuddean Fadhil


Abhiraamee Ayadurai