Our Team

Muhammad Azhar

Sales Partner - SOLS Energy

[email protected]

Jack of all trades master of none, this single phrase alone would be sufficient enough to summarise who I am. If you play football, futsal, rugby or even chess, consider we are friends already. Most of my free time I would explore the world of fintechs especially blockchain and the traditional markets, casual gaming or relaxing with coffee on my sight.

Attained my degree in Mechanical Engineering with honours from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2017 which has greatly contributed to my current passion in energies. Started with Biogas engineer for a year as my day job and now solar energy in which I believe is the future of power generation the same way coal, oil and gas were utilised as main power source back in the days. Solving problems mathematically is carved on my DNA so don’t worry, I got this.