Faeza Benjamin

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Faeza Benjamin

Faeza hails from Cape Town, South Africa where she worked for the South African Police Services as a Crime Scene Assistant and a Senior Administrator for over 14 years. During the weekends, she volunteered her time to assist and counsel abuse victims. She later pursued a career in teaching and taught English in Egypt, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Her venture into online teaching experience began in the Philippines when she taught English to Chinese and Japanese students. Faeza also prepared young learners for their enrollments into international schools.

In 2019, she joined SOLS 24/7 as a Volunteer Teacher at Berjaya Tioman Community Center, Tioman Island, Malaysia to teach English to primary and secondary school students as well as adult professionals. Currently, she is actively involved in conducting webinars and short courses on Personal Development through the SOLS 24/7 online learning platform. Apart from that, she coaches and counsels Orang Asli teachers as an Orang Asli Teacher Coaching Assistant and helps them handle day-to-day administration tasks. Faeza also assists the Solar Academy team of teachers with their content development and delivery strategies. Her expertise has led her to become an Internal Moderator for Prince’s Trust International’s (UK) Achieve Programme and she is also part of the team that is developing curriculum for SOLS TVET programme for Malaysia’s Bottom 40%.

As always, Faeza doesn’t mind going the extra mile to help her students in the best possible way.