Hamdan Akau

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Hamdan Akau
Director - Outreach

Hamdan is a humanitarian professional whose life was built from a humble beginning. He hails from Temerloh, Pahang. After completing his SPM, he joined SOLS Program in 2008. In less than 10 years, he grew so much professionally that in 2017, Hamdan became the Regional Coordinator for the Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia (B1IM) programme in 2017 where his prominent responsibilities consisted of teaching, handling operational tasks and providing staff support across four states.

In 2019, he became a Trainer at SOLS Academy of Innovation. His work to uplift and empower Orang Asli youths in Malaysia provided him first-hand experience in community project management and youth programme development. His extensive experience includes helping the poor and underprivileged teenagers aged 17 - 27 develop their skill set from a young age. Part of his role directly deals with finding and creating opportunities for these teenagers to sustain a stable, secured life. During this time, Hamdan’s passion for achieving true equality in education grew tenfold. Soon after, he became a significant team member in executing outreach programmes for SOLS 24/7.

Presently, Hamdan now holds the Outreach Executive position at SOLS/247. His motto: ‘Education is a weapon of success’.