Our Team

Herly bin Henry

Manager - SOLS Borneo Green Academy

Herly Bin Henry, 25, first joined SOLS when he was 21 years old as a full time students at the Borneo Youth Development Centre where during his time at the YDC he became a school captain.

Herly has had extensive training and experience teaching various Community Centres all over Malaysia, from Minusuh in Sabah, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, and Kelantan. He even participated in a year long International volunteer exchange with SOLS 24/7 Timor Leste. Receiving practical training in community centre management.

Happy with what he has experienced and achieved, Herly is thankful to be a part of SOLS 24/7 as manager of the Borneo Green Academy (YDC), where he is able to help young people develop, get the same experience he did, and create better life for themselves.