Our Team

Jaran Walia

Director-COO - SOLS Energy

[email protected]

Jaran began working for SOLS 24/7 Foundation in February 2014 after completing his Bachelor Degree (S.E) in Marketing from BINUS International University Indonesia and earned his Masters in International Business from MONASH University Malaysia.

The 2013 National Debate champion for Indonesia, Jaran is a debater who has received many national and international awards for representing his university at debating competitions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, China, and Germany. He also participated in marketing competitions in Indonesia and Singapore. Jaran hosted debating events for his university and was Tournament Director for both national (National Schools Debating Championships, 2013) and international competitions (Asians British Parliamentary, 2012).

Jaran joined SOLS 24/7 as he has always been very passionate in regards to social issues that are occurring in the current world. He wishes to join the cause in providing equal education opportunities for all and improve the conditions of the underprivileged communities.

After acquiring his Masters in International Business at the age of 22, Jaran joined SOLS 24/7 in February 2014. Previously he’d studied Marketing. All the way through his tertiary education he’d been active on debate teams and competitive marketing teams, he took multiple international awards home, and hosted various events locally.

During his time with SOLS 24/7, Jaran has been able to aid in the setting up and day-to-day support of over 50 community centers when SOLS 24/7 was building a strong community presence throughout Malaysia; three projects he directly supervised on the ground, while the others he was able to oversee, organise and coordinate. He has assisted in setting up our first solar lab by procuring and setting up equipment in order to facilitate technicians’ learning in our academy. Jaran helped SOLS 24/7 move from a new-comer in the solar industry into one which trained technicians and fulfilled installations to the highest quality. Alongside aiding the technicians, Jaran was also one of the first ones to install Solar PV systems for SOLS Energy, after having negotiated with companies in China, Canada, Germany, Switzerland & Austria in order to establish  reliable partners for the materials as a part of the SOLS Energy offerings.

After aiding in developing these projects he coordinated English training in four schools, which supported over 100 students in their foundational English training. This was the first time SOLS had visited schools in order to aid in learning. It’s a testament to Jaran’s skill that we’ve never left these schools since. After getting to grips with the manner in which the SOLS 24/7 educational system functions, Jaran trained over 85 teachers and trainers in the Google Certified Educator program. The Google certification system was new to SOLS 24/7, but he was able to navigate it quickly and effectively. He then assisted in running the National program, by coordinating Cambridge exams for over 375 students, and Google training 150 teachers from across Malaysia.

Currently Jaran spearheads the SOLS Energy side of SOLS 24/7, but is also responsible for working with the SOLS Smart team, and SOLS tech. He is the youngest ever director at SOLS 24/7.