Our Team

Muhammad Fazhar Bin Sharin

Executive - Education

[email protected]
Fazhar graduated from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan in December 2015 as a Geologist. Following his passion of teaching, he started to teach since 2014 for 3 years in Tuition centres, secondary schools, home tutoring, and as a motivator. Driven to contribute in empowering youth in both English language and life skills, he joined Bahasa Inggeris 1 Malaysia (BI1M) program in June 2017 as a local facilitator. The 7 months program of teaching students of age 9 to 75 in applied English skills molded a solid view of his goal towards education in Malaysia. Promising a flourishing great cultures of future colleagues from around the world, he knows the offer from SOLS 24/7 in December 2017 to be part of the Education Team is the only nurturer of his budding ideas.