Our Team

Saron Rous (Ahzarone)

Executive Director - SOLS.ai


Saron Rous was a high school student who lived in an isolated area in Southern Cambodia.

He graduated high school in 2000 and did not have the opportunity to further his higher education. With little choice but to earn money, he left his homeland to work as a construction worker the following year.

After a few months he learned about SOLS 24/7 and decided to take a chance on to leave his jobs and join SOLS 24/7 community centre in his province. He studied hard and progressed to the SOLS 24/7 Main Training Centre in Phnom Penh within six months.

For his efforts, he was promoted to Student Leader and later progressed to be a SOLS 24/7 teacher, based in a province centre in Cambodia.

From his teaching placement, he returned to SOLS 24/7 Phnom Penh and was in charge of the school accounts. He then was given the opportunity to be principal of the Main Training Centre. In light of his dedication, service and work ethic, Ahzarone was sent on an international exchange program to Malaysia in 2004 and then given an international posting as one of the key team members pioneering SOLS 24/7 Timor Leste. During his two year international posting, he was in charge of setting up and running the largest computer lab in the country at SOLS 24/7 Dili Main Training Centre.

After his posting in Timor Leste, Ahzarone returned to Cambodia and continued his work in the social service sector by bringing agriculture technology to his community. He also volunteered for a Korean NGO, ‘GivingHands’ and was awarded by the NGO and his community for his outstanding contributions to society.

During his time with the Korean NGO, Ahzarone organized and worked on projects to bring 500 fresh water wells for the communities in various provinces.

He also set up and was the director of three private schools teaching English, Motivation and IT in his village. He was also interviewed on local TV program, ‘Star of the World’ for the inspiring work he did for his community.

He returned to work with SOLS 24/7 in 2011. Now on an international posting in Malaysia, he is currently Director of the SOLS Solar Academy and the Borneo Youth Development Centre.