Our Team

Shara Palanivel

Chief Technology Officer

Shara likes solving problems and building things. He is a passionate learner and loves making software to automate life for himself and other people. He has helped make hundreds of apps for millions of people, mostly in education. His first interaction with SOLS 24/7 was in one of his earlier lives as an organizer of Hackweekend in 2011/2012.

SOLS 24/7 were happy to sponsor events that were about getting talented developers and designers to build and demo apps over a weekend. Technology is transformative in its effect on the world and can be used to create and propagate the most positive of changes. Those early hackathons and the people that believed in creating a space for people to use technology to solve problems played a tiny part in seeding the early generations of startups in Malaysia and their ecosystem; an ecosystem that has now blossomed to a huge value creating industry for a tremendous amount of people on an almost global scale.

SOLS 24/7’s visionary foresight in empowering people with education and technology means that his and SOLS goals will always be in alignment. He also loves reading, traveling, and bandanas.