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Operations Manager - SOLS Smart

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Syaeista is an avid learner with a passion for philosophy, education and psychology. Having studied Political Science in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, she decided to advocate for equality in education. After graduating in 2016, she began working with SOLS 24/7 as a Centre Administrator under the Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia (BI1M) Programme. During this period, she discovered that there are many ways to contribute back to the society and teaching is the perfect way of doing it.

Given her interests, she wants to help as many individuals possible in getting the best education they deserve. Continuing her career in SOLS24/7, she is currently getting more experience on teaching English to youths. Being aware of the process of delivering knowledge is as important as the knowledge itself and English as the main instrument that has impacted people around her, she believes that everyone have the chance to learn the language that will definitely benefit them and SOLS 24/7 being the organisation championing this mission truly energise her.