Perry Chan – Testimonial

I feel so lucky that I came to SOLS 24/7 Malaysia! My experience here has been life changing. I have learnt a lot here, not just about psychology, but also about myself both professionally and personally.

Before I came here, I was not sure what clinical psychology was about although this is something that I have been very interested in. I decided to join the SHIELD Program in Malaysia. After one year of exploring, researching under direction from my supervisor and speaking directly to many practicing psychologists that work with SHIELD, now I am very clear what psychotherapy approach I am going to specialise in in the future.

This is a big milestone for me in my life. Now I am very clear about my passion and my career. Most importantly, I have met so many inspiring people from all around the world. I have had so many new friends here. Love this place!

Nationality: Person of Hong Kong
University: University of Edinburgh, UK
Placement: March 2015 – April 2016
Department: Centre Coordinator, SHIELD Psychology Centre