Product Manager (SOLS Energy)

Job Overview

We are looking for someone capable of operating in all areas of the product development lifecycle. This includes research (into the product, problem space, competitors and customer), defining solutions, helping to drive technical implementations and analysing the success (or failure) of solutions implemented.

Initially, the role will focus primarily on the delivery of a short term roadmap, mandated by pre-existing functional requirements. However, it is expected that this role will quickly expand into re-evaluating and setting the vision for a number of products in our portfolio.

You will also be open to a healthy dose of creativity to define a vision for your product and be responsible for the strategy, roadmap and feature definition of a product. You will be the leader at the forefront as this role would require strong collaboration across various teams and be the focal point for all stakeholders nearly in all functions.

What do I get?

Job Advancement

An opportunity for growth - personally and professionally.

Create Real Impact

Know that the work you do changes lives every single day.

Work in the New Normal

Use technology to increase work productivity and effectiveness.

What do I need?

Preferred Experience and Knowledge

  • 3-5 years of experience in product development
  • Proven experience as a Product Manager
  • Collaborative approach to leading and inspiring a team driven to set and accomplish complex goals.
  • Experience in taking an idea, making a plan, and executing.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both written and verbal, enabling you to work across a range of functions, teams and seniority
  • Experience in defining measures of success in a product, and interpreting complex data

What will I do?

  • Create and drive roadmap’s execution for new features and products
  • Use data, research and market analysis to communicate product strategies relevant to stakeholders
  • Collaborate with customer facing teams and integrate customer feedback to product requirements
  • Analyze data to identify gaps and opportunities to improve product, features and offerings

What is working in SOLS Energy like?


Interested in the position? 

SOLS Energy

We are a green energy company that customers love. We are a social enterprise which lives responsibility to the core. Responsibility for our customers, employees, communities and planet. We are leaders in the residential solar market and enable SMEs to operate more efficiently.

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