Rajmund Keresztes – Testimonial

I joined SOLS 24/7 as part of my International Business and Management Studies for a 6-months long internship period. I had Asian major at the university, which meant several subjects related to the Asian business environment. However, I cannot really say I had much information specifically about Malaysia and its culture.

When I arrived at 4am I could already experience the ‘let’s eat and get to know each other’ traditional activity. A warm welcome and two new friends just when I arrived already helped me to feel safe in the other side of the world. In a few days I started to work. It took some time to manage my work properly, but I was lucky to have an awesome manager supervising my daily activities, helping me to improve the skills I wanted. My colleges were very friendly, brought me along to a Malay wedding, movie nights or just to grab a dinner after work, showing me as much as they could of the culture. We worked and lived together and they helped me to spend 6 months here without ever feeling homesick. I believe I made many friends during my stay at SOLS and I do hope I will have the chance to see them again.

Next to work I had time to travel and devote time for my hobbies. I have been to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and many different parts of Malaysia. And well, there is always someone who wants to join. I played futsal all time, as many people organise plays in the city. We even started to organise weekly futsal games with the colleges, which really meant a lot to me. I managed to participate in futsal championships and even Rubik’s cube competitions. All in all, I had time next to work for my passions.

During this half year I both managed to improve professionally and personally. I am sure I made the right decision when I joined SOLS 24/7!

Nationality: Hungarian
University: Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Placement: February 2018 – August 2018
Department: Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Professional Placement