Ruben van Offeren – Testimonial

After obtaining my undergraduate in economics I immediately flew halfway across the globe into the unknown, ready for a new adventure in SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. After a series of interviews I obtained an internship in the newly found Project Management Office (PMO) department.

Upon arrival I immediately got immersed in the Malaysian culture as I tried Malaysian cuisine (very spicy!) and all its delicacies. The people are extremely proud of their cuisine which I became to realize when I was taught how to start a conversation with any random person. In the Netherlands people talk about the weather but the most common phrase in Malaysia is “have you eaten already?” It is such little things that make your time abroad memorable as you are unable to experience them at home.

An internship in SOLS Malaysia is unlike any other internship as it teaches you more than just a series of hard skills. You not only work together; you also eat, sleep and travel together with your co-workers. Although it could be challenging from time-to-time it was a great way to meet new people with different backgrounds. It exposed me to many different cultures and views on life and helped me to gain more knowledge about the customs.

Looking back on my internship I joined SOLS 24/7 Malaysia at the perfect time as the PMO department was recently launched. I was co-responsible for implementing a new impact analysis system in order to measure the effect that SOLS Malaysia has on its communities. Being in an environment where the structure still needed to be implemented greatly enhanced my resourcefulness. Beside that I would describe my time in SOLS as dynamic as my responsibilities greatly increased over time.

I must say my five months internship have been an unforgettable experience!

Nationality: Dutch
University: Radboud University Nijmegen
Placement: February 2015 – July 2015
Department: Project Management