Sara & David – Testimonial

David and I decided to face a challenge to live together under different conditions from ours and share with other cultures. When we were about to leave our country and travel across the world to help those less fortunate, we had no idea that after six months living together in this place the less fortunate would be us and we say less fortunate because we saw values from a developed community Love, unity and respect are principles lacking in our community in Medellin, but in SOLS 24 / 7 you can easily find.

So guess who is lucky?We were prepared to teach and help, but it was upside down, they taught us a lot. We got many of our best memories and the best friends. SOLS 24/7 offers a complete system of education to every human being who is willing to form their integrity, giving back to society and committing with others. It is important what is taught there, and we are witness of the positive reactions it has caused on thousands of people. Students and teachers live in an environment of harmony, pushing themselves hard and learning to help others. A year after having done our job, we are still discovering things and reinforcing skills learned in SOLS. In this cruel world full of injustice, SOLS 24/7 is presented as an organization that really wants to help the world. We were part of this organization and our minds and souls still are.

Volunteer Columbia, Dili, Timor Leste