Savannah Schnall – Testimonial

When I was looking for a place to volunteer after I graduated university, I wanted to teach somewhere where I could really make an impact and somewhere different than I had ever been before. When I heard about SOLS, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Instead of working in an office doing paperwork all day, I was constantly with the students, whether it was in the classroom or during their talent show/dance night. Through the SOLS program, I taught the students not only English but I also motivated them to set their goals higher. The students are similar in age to myself and I spent so much time with them that I got closer than I imagined I could have. I hope they learned from me as much as I learned from them! They taught me a lot about Malaysian culture and helped me become more confident as well. I will never forget my six months at SOLS!

Nationality: American
Volunteer in: Kuala Lumpur & Sabah, Malaysia
Period: Sept 2012 / Feb 2013