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What is SOLS Scholars?

The Scholar Development Programme is designed to nurture and develop high potential scholars from underprivileged backgrounds to become outstanding, skillful and socially aware graduates. We help scholarship-awarding organisations save time and resources by monitoring the progress of students and even provide a battery of enrichment skills to complement their education.

Thus far, we have successfully implemented and managed three scholarship programmes for government and corporate foundations, training over 400 scholars from challenging backgrounds to be competent and productive young adults.


What does SOLS Scholars offer?

Under the Reach Out and Rise (ROAR) scholarship programme, the scholarship provides:

Full Tuition Fees

Free Boarding

Free Meals 3x a day

Chance to Intern with SOLS 24/7

Additional Enrichment Programs:

English Classes

IT & Computer Skills

Leadership & Character Building

Study Tours & Camps


Why does SOLS Scholars exist?

There is no doubt that education inequality exists, even with regards to how scholarships are awarded. Education inequality means resources are distributed in a way where those who need scholarships the most are oftentimes the ones who find it impossible to meet the academic requirements to receive them. This is why we prioritize scholars from low-income families, focusing on high-potential students, instead of students who have already proven themselves.

Additionally, for most corporations and foundations, the responsibility of managing and developing scholars can be very costly and resource-intensive. Our operations as a humanitarian organisation allow us to provide innovative, high quality enrichment programmes to scholars, as well as giving them boarding and daily meals in our facilities, significantly easing the burden of corporations and foundations who want to help.

The ROAR Scholarship partner universities are:


Programme Partner


SDP Methodology

SOLS 24/7 Malaysia has developed one of the best scholarship implementation and management programs in Malaysia.

We help scholarship-awarding organizations save time and resources needed to monitor the progress of students. Through our program, we ensure that a company or foundation does not incur losses or wastages on scholarships they award to students. We ensure the best possible success rate for scholars.

Our program targets urban and rural students in primary, secondary or higher education institutions. Scholars benefit by having a team of experts ready to provide constant guidance 24/7. Program participants receive a fully-customized support system comprising of academic coaching, soft skills training, workshops, camps, job preparation, mentorship and counseling. These scholars report an increase in subject mastery, confidence, dynamism, empathy and responsibility. Scholarship awarding-organizations and educational institutions can access the progress live when desired.

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