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Job Description 


Are you interested in psychology, children, and their learning behaviours? We are looking for a dedicated Shadow Aide to assist children with diverse needs and abilities to succeed in school settings. The Shadow Aide supports children to integrate into the mainstream learning environment for the entire school day. As a Shadow Aide, you will need to support the child to become independent in academic, behavioral, and social aspects.

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What is working in SOLS 24/7 like?

Key Tasks

Monitoring & Assistance 




What do I get?


Basic Living Allowance

[if requirements are met]



What do I need?


  • Related working experiences or graduate of Bachelor Degree study in relevant field of mental health/ special needs education/education;
  • Likes children, team player, patience, and willing to work with special needs children.
  • Must be Proficient in English, other languages are encouraged too.
  • Able to commit to a minimum of 6 months duration with termination date schedule in time with school break for ease of transition.
  • Able to undergo training and assessment with Supervisor for 3 weeks prior to assignment of case.
  • If candidate does not meet the requirements of the assessment or we are unable to provide placement after 1 month of completion of the training, the trainee has the option to either apply for other positions in SOLS Health or terminate their contract.

What will I do?


Monitoring & Assistance

  • Shadow the student throughout the school day during any activities with the ultimate goal of assisting the child to adjust to formal classroom environment.
  • Implement necessary intervention plans to increase learning potential of the child.
  • Observe and collect information to understand the strengths and limitations of the child in school.


  • Consistently communicate with school teachers, psychologists, and parents to review the child’s progress in school.
  • You will also need to report to the Case Manager/Supervisor and work closely with other professionals such as psychologists, school counselors, and speech therapists.
  • Attend training, supervision and team meetings regularly with special education trainer or psychologists.

Therapy session at SOLS Health

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How to apply?


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