Volunteer: Software Development


Volunteer: Software Development

Develop apps that matters!



Job Overview


SOLS 24/7 Malaysia embraces technology as one of our educational pillars. The software development professional placement will learn and apply modern web development technologies across the education, energy and civic sectors through our programmes. The placement will also be developing front-end, back-end and mobile solutions to drive impact through our social outreach programmes.

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What is working with SOLS 24/7 like?

Key Tasks

Javascript Full Stack Software Development

Software Enhancement and Maintenance

Software Testing

Design Layouts

Develop User Support Materials


What do I get?


Basic Living Allowance

[if requirements are met]


[only Internationals]


[only Internationals]

*Note: For International applicants, based on Malaysian Immigration approval

What do I need?


  • Able to commit to a minimum of 6 months to gain full exposure;
  • Minimum 6 to 12 months of professional experience in the related field;
  • High Proficiency in English;
  • Working knowledge of the general web development landscape;
  • JavaScript, JQuery, html, css, mysql and other latest web technologies, tools and languages.

If you do not meet the requirements, we encourage you to check the Volunteer position 

What will I do?


As part of the software development team, you will be actively developing applications to transform classroom education and how we learn in the digital age.
Day to day tasks include front end web and mobile development together with A/B testing and data analytics to identify learning patterns. 
Not sure if you have the right skillset? We seek candidates that are willing to adapt and learn along with the shift in educational methods that we develop for our customers.


SOLS EDU is an application for learning English from Bahasa Malaysia

SOLS CM is an application for our Community Center Managers to report to our headquarters

How to apply?


Fill out the form and attach your CV